Card Dungeon Steam Review Video

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Games

Disclosure – I was given a review copy of the game for the purposes of making this video and review.

I’m really enjoying Card Dungeon from Playtap Games. I love rogue-likes and this one combines elements from card games as well as the feel of board games like Hero Quest. The levels are randomly generated like they are in rogue-likes and if you die you need to start the game over. If you find your tombstone in another run through the dungeon you can get your items back. The card system is very interesting in how you can only have three cards at a time. This causes you to constantly reevaluate your choices in deciding when to take a new card or pass on it. If you have an attack or spell card that runs out you won’t be able to use it. You definitely don’t want this to happen as you won’t be able to attack. I’m having a lot of fun and recommend the game to anybody that is a fan of the rogue-like genre.

Why I Prefer Vinyl

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Music
  • Sound quality. Vinyl can sound better on occasion. Brand new vinyl I think does have a better sound than old/used vinyl. Especially if it uses high grade 180 gram vinyl. These records are a bit thicker than normal records, there are less tracks per side. Normally if you buy an album on 180 gram vinyl it is often two records. 180 gram vinyl is generally the best sounding vinyl you can get. Even with old vinyl the static like sound you sometimes get can add character to a record.
  • Vinyl more or less makes you listen to the entire album. Yes. you can jump to a particular track but I find it easier to just let it play. This way you listen to the entire record. Sometimes you may hear a song you might normally skip on a CD or MP3. For example on Billy Joel’s album “The Stranger” there is a track on the second side called “Vienna.” This is an excellent song and for some reason is not on a greatest hits collection that I’ve seen. People might often skip these songs on other formats. Greatest hits collections are fine but I prefer to listen to the studio albums. There are other great songs beyond just a greatest hits collection. You might find a song you love that isn’t considered a hit for one reason or another.
  • For those who like the album art vinyl is a better choice because of the larger sleeve. Also sometimes vinyls will include posters and other extras that can’t fit into a CD jewel case.
  • I find the entire experience of listening to vinyl a much more active experience that playing a CD or listing to an iPod. You need to pick the vinyl, put it on the turntable, drop the needle, listen to it, flip the record and then put it back. Something about doing all that feels more rewarding to me than putting in a CD.
  • Vinyl is incredibly affordable. You can get used records for just a few dollars in most used music stores. New vinyl is more expensive but those are generally 180 gram records. Also most modern artists will include a code to download the album if you buy their album new on vinyl. This is good because trying to digitize an album is a pain. Also you get an awesome feeling when you finally find a record you’ve been searching for. I have all of Garbage’s studio albums on vinyl except for Bleed Like Me. That one was never released on vinyl. It took a while to find all of them because they were either mostly released on vinyl in Europe, only available on CD in the United States or if there were vinyl releases in the States they were a very limited run.

My Top Five Movie Soundtracks

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Movies, Music

This is my list of my current top five movie soundtracks. This list only includes soundtracks comprised of already recorded material. Film scores are not counted in this list:

#5-A Night At The Roxbury:





I love this movie and the music selected for it is great as well. It feels like a greatest dance club hits of the 1990’s. There is the iconic “What Is Love” by Haddaway as well as my favorite song on the soundtrack the “Where Do You Go?” Ocean Drive Mix by No Mercy. An excellent blend of great dance tracks.



#4-Forrest Gump:





Another great movie with a great classic rock soundtrack. This is a double album. i think there is also now an expanded version with a couple extra songs. The soundtracks takes you on a journey through the history of rock music. You start off with Elvis Presley and end with Bob Segar. Everything in between covers those years. A truly amazing collection of music.



#3-Pulp Fiction





The songs selected for this soundtrack are a great mix. You get surf, country, and soul to just name a few. The soundtrack also features dialogue from the film. Each song in the soundtrack also adds to the movie and makes it better. Quentin Tarantino picked a great set of music for this movie.




#2-American Hustle




A great mix of songs from the 70’s. Each song adds greatly to the scene it is used in.  The soundtrack also covers various genres such as disco, jazz, and rock. A great movie made even btter by the soundtrack.




#1-Guardians of The Galaxy




This soundtrack is all about having fun. I can see the scenes in my head whenever I listen to the accompanying track. It’s again a blend of songs from the 70’s. From the laid back “Fooled Around And Fell in Love” to the hard rocking “Cherry Bomb” this soundtrack is awesome top to bottom and no song feels out of place. The music is one part of the formula that gave the movie it’s charm.












Over the past few years I’ve read and have heard people saying that Indiana Jones being in Raiders of The Lost Ark has no bearing on the outcome of the movie. They basically say the outcome of the movie would be the same if he wasn’t in it. Or that he only effects the story in somewhat minor ways. For example one change of him not being there is Marion would likely be killed either in Nepal at her bar or when the Ark is opened at the end of the movie. Going back and looking at certain scenes it seems like his presence does not change the course of the movie all that much. However there is one thing I’ve found that changes everything and makes his involvement important. This can be looked at from various angles.

When Indiana Jones is tasked with getting to the Ark before the Nazis do he leaves for Nepal to get the headpiece from the Staff of Ra. He boards a plane and Toth is revealed to be reading/hiding behind a Life magazine. This to me shows Toth and his men were following Indiana Jones. It also shows they don’t already know where the headpiece is. Right here Indiana’s involvement becomes important. If he is not critical to the story like many people say why did Toth feel the need to follow him? If he isn’t important Toth would have gone to Nepal on his own.

Also at the end of the movie if Indiana Jones wasn’t present then there would be nobody to bring the Ark back to the United States. Like I mentioned earlier Marion would have likely been killed in Nepal and if not there she would have been killed when the Ark is opened. Without Indy all of the Nazis would have been killed like they were but after that the Ark would just be left to sit on the island.

On the plus side if Indiana Jones wasn’t present we wouldn’t have gotten Shia LaBeouf in Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. 😉


WWE 13 and WWE 2K14 have had great historical modes. Attitude Era mode in WWE 13 and 30 Years of WrestleMania in WWE 2K14. What they need to do now is create a Monday Night Wars mode for WWE 2K15. Take classic matches from both WWE and WCW from that time and build a mode around it. Have matches from 1995 to 2001 on both sides. Allow the player to pick a brand and go through that time period. Also they should be allowed to pick and choose which matches to play. Matches should be taken from the same date. A match from Nitro and a Match from Raw. Another feature they could work into this mode would be the option to switch between the brands on the fly in real time. Switch from Nitro to Raw and you control the match on Raw while the CPU runs the WCW match in the background. If you switch back the match would have progressed. And for fun have the game track how much time the player played matches for each brand and at the end of the mode give them a ratings graph on how long they played as each company. Also have ratings reports week to week and so on. Something like this would make WWE 2K15 an amazing game.

Here is my progress of building the Lego Star Wars Microfighters Millennium Falcon build:

The box:













The contents:








The Mini Fig:










The process:













































































Ease of Build – ***** Very easy, very fast build.

Mini Figs – ***** A Han Solo for about $10 and the figure looks great.

Durability – ***** Very well put together and very stable. No loose or falling off parts.

Overall – ***** A great small build with a great figure for an awesome price.

Here is my progress of building the Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder:

The Box:













The Mini Figs:












The Process:


























































































































Ease of Build – ***** Very easy, the speeder is very symmetrical making for an easy build.

Mini Figs – **** Great Darth Maul from Clone Wars figures and two Mandalorians

Durability – **** Hood on the speeder gets loose and falls off from time to time.

Overall – **** Very easy set to build with some nice mini figs

Here is my progress of building the Lego Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid:

The box:












The contents:

















The Mini Figs:












The Process:

























































































































































Ease of Build – **** Fairly easy, assembling the tank tread was a bit tedious though.

Mini Figs – **** Jango Fett alone is worth the price of admission. The clone trooper and battle droid are also pretty good.

Durability – **** Tank tread is a bit loose. This can be fixed by removing a link or two from the tread. Pretty durable other than that.

Overall – **** A very well priced set with pretty good mini figs. Loose tread is a small drawback.