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Back in 2005 I watched a lot of G4 and was a caller on a couple episodes of G4TV The Show as well as Attack of The Show. Here you’ll find pictures of my name and real name on G4. I unfortunately don’t have video clips of the times I called in but these will have to do. You’ll see my real name in a few of these pictures. I apologize the the poor quality of these pictures as they were taken with my 3.1 mega pixel digital camera off of my TV:

G4TV The Show:

They were discussing Midnight Club 3 on this episode and I talked about how I was sick and tired of seeing so many illegal street racing games. I was recently able to find a VHS tapeĀ  recorded this episode on. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to get the video onto my computer, however I was able to use my Rock Band microphone to record the audio. Here it is:

I was a caller for their Killer 7 discussion. I basically said how I hated that the game was on rails and the puzzles were way too simple. I did say the graphics were well done though.

They were talking about the original Forza Motorsport for Xbox in this segment. That is my forum comment that I’d rather just play Burnout 3 than Forza because I prefer arcade racers over simulations.

Medal of Honor: European Assault was being covered and my forum comment was used here. Unfortunately this game had no online play and my comment was “Online support would have been nice.”

Meteos for the DS, I commented on the forums how at the time it was just the kind of game the DS needed.

One of the Harvest Moon games was featured and I commented on their forum that the series is sometimes a breath of fresh air among all the ultra-violent games on the market.

I was a caller for their Killer 7 segment but they used my forum comment also. I basically said the graphics were really stylish but that I couldn’t stand the gameplay.

Attack of The Show:

I created an Attack of The Show drinking game. They used it on the show. You can check out the game here. Thankfully I had the entire site backed up on a CD-R. Below are pictures of Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb discussing the game on the show as well as the show notes about the drinking game.

Various Chat Questions from Attack of The Show:


This one was actually taken from a screenshot of an episode I downloaded.

I placed in one of the Attack of The Show LAN Party segments, we were playing Unreal Tournament 2004.

User Created:

They asked users/viewers to make drink labels. That is mine.

Here is the link to the Attack of The Blog page for this User Created:

They asked for people to create “show bugs.” Those are the little things that pop up in the bottom of the screen to let you know what show you are watching and so on. Here is the one I made:

Click the image to see the animation.

This was the blog post about the show bugs:

Here is a video of myself calling in to talk to the producer of Star Wars Galaxies back in 2005(I’m the caller asking how they’ll compete with WoW):

Not me or my name but they gave me that stuffed monkey for having one of my chat questions answered.

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