Random Star Trek Episode Update

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Star Trek

Here are my thoughts on the most recent random episodes of Star Trek I have watched.

I watched the episode fourteen of the original series, “Wolf In The Fold.” This episode was all right. It involves Scotty being accused for the murder of three women. However when he is questioned he does not remember. A trial is help on the Enterprise where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discover the truth and that Scotty in innocent.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

Next I watched episode twelve of the second season of Voyager, “Resistance.” This had several members of the Voyager crew on a mission to get some substance to help power the warp core. They get ambushed by military forces. Janeway escapes but is still stuck on the planet and mounts a rescue mission to get Tuvok and Torres back. She is taken in by an old man who thinks Janeway is his daughter. This episode was kind of boring in spots.

This episode gets ** out of 5.

I watched episode six of the fifth season of Deep Space Nine, “Trials And Tribbleations.” This was a vbery good episode. It used footage from the classic original series episode. The Deep Space Nine crew go back in time to stop an assassination attempt on Captain Kirk. They crew even all wore the classic uniforms from that time period. A really fun episode.

This episode gets ***** out of 5.

I then watched episode twenty three of the fifth season of The Next Generation, “I, Borg.” Another very good episode. The Enterprise finds a crashed Borg ship and brings the only survivor of the crash on board. Soon Geordi takes a liking to the Borg and named it Hugh. Picard has plans to install a virus like program into it and send it back to the Collective to destroy them from the inside out. Eventually he changes him mind and thinks that this Borg now being an individual can instill that kind of thinking into the Collective as a way to destroy them.

This episode gets ***** out of 5.

Finally I watched episode ten of the sixth season of Voyager, “Pathfinder.” This was another pretty good episode. It has Deanna Troi and Barclay as guest characters. It involves Barclay discovering a way to create a micro-wormhole as a way to talk to Voyager. It also features Barclay creating holodeck simulations of Voyager him hanging out with the crew.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

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