Random Star Trek Episodes…Weekend Update

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Star Trek

I watched a few episodes over the weekend. Here is what I watched.

First I watched episode twenty three of season six of Voyager, “Fury.” This is mainly a Kes episode. I’m not a big fan of this character. She had left the show long before and they brought her back for this. The story is kind of dumb. Kes comes back to Voyager and goes back in time to bring her younger self back to her home planet. For some reason the older Kes is not really accepted on her planet but thinks the younger one will be. Not a great episode but not terrible either. I guess it is just average.

This episodes gets *** out of 5.

Next I watched episode fourteen of season seven of The Net Generation, “Sub-Rosa.” I never liked this episode and after seeing it again I still don’t. It focuses on Dr. Crusher the entire time. Her grandmother dies and they go to a colony meant to look like the Scottish Highlands. Here she takes some heirlooms and other things back to the Enterprise. She soon falls in love with a mysterious man named Ronin. He begins to influence her and she eventually resigns from Starfleet to live in the colony. This episode is just bad. Possibly one of the worst Nest Generation episodes ever.

This episode gets * out of 5.

I then watched episode twenty eight of season one of the original series, “The City On The Edge of Forever.” This was an excellent episode. A panel explodes knocking out Sulu. Dr. McCoy gives him a very small does of some medication that revives him. The ship is then hit again with something and McCoy accidentally injects all of the medication into his body. This causes him to go insane and he beams down to a planet. On this planet is a time portal that he goes through. This sets off a chain reaction of events that lead to changing the entire course of history. Kirk and Spock go into the portal as well to find McCoy and set the timeline back to the way it should be. Easily one of best episodes from the original series.

This episodes gets ***** out of 5.

Lastly I watched episode nine of season five of The Next Generation, “A Matter of Time.” The Enterprise is trying to help a planet who has fallen into nuclear winter after an asteroid landed on it. They also meet a time traveling historian from the future who has an interest in the Enterprise and its crew. He constantly bothers the crew with questionnaires. He also steals various objects from around the ship. The Enterprise helps out the planet and it turns out the historian is actually from the past and is an “inventor.” He steals objects from the future and invents them in the past. This episode is all right, nothing special though.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

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