Random Star Trek Episodes…Weekend Update

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Star Trek

I only watched two random episodes this weekend. Here are my thoughts on them.

First I watched episode seventeen of the original series, “The Squire of Gothos.” This was a very interesting episode. The Enterprise gets stuck in a “game” devised by a mysterious life form called Trelane. The crew has to play his games before they can figure out a way to leave the planet. Trelane is an interesting character because many fans believe he is somewhat related to Q from The Next Generation. They both have similar powers. At one point Kirk is put on Trial by Trelane. Q does the same thing in the first episode of The Next Generation to Picard and crew.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

Next I watched episode twelve of season four of The Next Generation, “The Wounded.” Another very good episode. The Federation and the Cardassians have a peace treaty, however the Enterprise gets attacked by a Cardassian ship. They say that a Federation ship destroyed a Cardassians space station. Picard and crew try to figure out what is going on. Chief O’Brien’s old captain was behind the attack. He attacks other ships throughout the episode. Picard works with the Cardassians to keep the treaty alive and stop Captain Maxwell from killing any more Cardassians.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

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