Random Star Trek Episodes

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Star Trek

I watched a few random Star Trek episodes over the past few days. Here are my thoughts.

First I watched episode nine of season two of The Next Generation, “The Measure of A Man.” This is a very good episode. Data gets forced to be experimented on and decides to resign from Starfleet so he does not have to take part in this procedure. The commander who wants to stufy Data makes a claim that Data is property of Starfleet. Picard and Riker need to represent each party in a legal battle. One of the best episodes of The Next Generation.

This episode gets ***** out of 5.

Next I watched episode nineteen of season five of The Next Generation, “The First Duty.” This is a Wesley Crusher episode where himself and his Starflet Academy flight team are required to testify about a training accident that killed one member of their team. Wesley is forced to make some very tough choices in this episode. Also Robert Duncan McNeill appears in this episode as Nick Locarno, leader of the flight team and would later appear in Voyager as Tom Paris a couple years later.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

Lastly I watched episode twenty of season one of Enterprise, “Detained.” This was a decent episode but it does not really cover anything new as far as story goes. Captain Archer and Mayweather are put into a prison camp. They are in this camp with Sulibans who are falsely imprisoned. Archer and Maywather create a plan to free the prisoners and themselves.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

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