Random Star Trek Episodes…Weekend Update

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Star Trek

I watched a few random Star Trek episodes over the weekend. The first being episode seven of season two of the original series, “Catspaw.” This was a really bad episode. I even considered turning it off many times through the episode. Kirk, Spock, and Bones get captured on a strange planet and are thrown into a dungeon. Its kind of hard to explain but the episode was bad.

This episode gets * out of 5

Next I watched episode eleven of season three on the original series, “Wink of An Eye.” This episode felt a little boring at times but the premise of the episode was pretty good. The Enterprise gets hijacked by a race of beings that move at very high speeds. This makes them invisible to everyone else. Kirk gets drugged and becomes one of them for a period of time. They want to capture the Enterprise to reproduce and replinish what is left of their race. Not a bad episode but it felt it dragged a bit at times.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

I then watched episode episode twenty of season two of Voyager, “Investigations.” This was actually a pretty good episode considering it was very Neelix heavy. I generally don’t like Neelix and find him to be annoying most of the time. In this episode he is doing a show each day to try and improve morale around the ship. He gets word that a member of the crew has requested to leave and launches a full-blown investigation into who it is and why. During this he uncovers a much larger story.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

Lastly last night I watched episode 23 of season two of Voyager, “The Thaw.” I really enjoyed this episode years ago when I first saw it but have to say it does not really hold up. Voyager finds a group of people in hibernation who are hooked into a computer system. They go into the computer program to find it has been taken over by a malevolent artificial intelligence who is a manifestation of the fears of anybody hooked up to the system. The crew need to find a way to disconnect the people in hibernation from the system without the artificial intelligence finding out and killing the. Not as good as I remembered but still not bad.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

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