Batman Project – Hush Volume 1/2 And Broken Bat

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Comics

The next books I read for my ongoing Batman project were Hush Volume 1/2 and Broken Bat.

Hush is a pretty good series. Jeph Loeb writes the story and the art by Jim Lee is amazing.  It is detective style Batman in this book. I prefer this kind of Batman because it really shows how smart he is and how great of a detective he can be. There is a cool cameo by Superman and even a fight between himself and Batman. Harley Quinn also makes an appearance along with a few more members of the rogues gallery. The story gets a bit convoluted toward the end but the book is still quite good.

Broken Bat was a very iconic moment in Batman’s history. This is the storyline that introduces Bane. The book is well drawn and well written. The art style changes since originally this story was spread out between the Batman series and Detective Comics. It is interesting to see how Bane plans everything out and wears Batman down through the course of the book all without even touching him. He basically lets Batman wear himself out doing other things. Bane then finally confronts Batman when he is at his breaking point. Many fans will recognize one of the final pages of the book even if they are not huge Batman fans. Very interesting book.

Next up I’ll be discussing two Elseworlds books, Thrillkiller and Nine Lives.


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