Batman Project – The Man Who Laughs And A Death In The Family

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Comics

The last two books I’ve read for my Batman project were The Man Who Laughs and A death In The Family.

The Man Who Laughs is a year one Joker story which is very well done. It is well written and drawn. The story focuses on Batman’s first battle with The Joker. It even has a throwback to The Killing Joke and the whole Red Hood situation from that book. Joker’s first killing spree is shown here and it also shows how Batman puts an end to it. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good Joker story.

A Death In The Family is another set of books using The Joker as a central plot point. In this story Joker is trying to sell a cruise missile on the black market while Robin finds out his real mother might be alive somewhere in the middle east. Paths cross in this series and the outcome is not pretty. There is a cameo by Superman as well. Pretty edgy book for when it first came out and how it dealt with terrorism in the story.

Next time I’ll be discussing Hush and Broken Bat and what I thought of them.

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