Batman Project – The Long Halloween And Dark Victory

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Comics

For my current Batman project I’ve completed Batman – The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. Both were excellent stories with very nice art work. Dark Victory takes place shortly after Long Halloween. I don’t think it is as good a story as Long Halloween but it is still amazing and highly recommended.

Somebody asked me today where to start with Batman and my answer was Year One, Long Halloween, and then Dark Victory. They take place in the same time frame and same gritty universe that Year One established and really create a good starting point for new readers. I started here because even though I knew the basis behind Batman and knew the basic back story of him and other characters I wanted to learn more. Those books are a great place to start.

Now is the time to choose which book I will read next. I’m going to read the two Elseworlds books on the list next. Those books being Gotham By Gaslight or Batman/Dracula. You can vote right here. Or you can use Twitter to vote and send me your pick to @IceWarm on Twitter.

Visit my checklist of the books I’ve read here.

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