IGN’s Top 25 Batman Graphic Novel Project

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Comics

IGN back in 2005 posted a list of the top 25 Batman graphic novels. I read through the list and was amazed that I’ve only read one of the books listed. That being The Killing Joke. I have decided to rectify the situation and chip away at the list and read every book that made the top 25.

So far I’ve read through Batman – Year One, which was #1 on IGN’s list and loved it. Currently I have just started to read Batman – The Long Halloween. After that I’ll read Batman – Dark Victory. Then I will crowd source which book I should read next. I’ll post two possible books and let people vote on which one to read first. I’ll be posting these polls on my Twitter profile. Keep an eye on my blog to see my progress through this list. Here is a link to a Google document of my progress. Thanks for reading.

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