Top 5 Movie Characters of 2010

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Movies

Here is my year end wrap up of my top five movie favorite characters from 2010. I didn’t count characters who have been in previous movies. So characters like Tony Stark,  Kevin Flynn, and Rooster Cogburn don’t count. However I did count characters from adaptations just as long as that character has not appeared in a movie already. Lets get to the list:

5: Hot Tub Time Machine Cast

I know this is kind of cheating but I really loved all of the characters in this movie. Each one adds something to the movie to make it work. If you take one character away the movie falls apart. They all had great chemistry between them and it made for my favorite adult comedy of 2010.

4: Hit Girl

I was considering going with Kick-Ass but once I thought about it Hit-Girl really stole the show in this movie. It was a total blast seeing this little girl cussing like a sailor, shooting people in the head, and cutting people to ribbons with her swords. Definitely one of the most memorable characters of the year.

3: Olive Penderghast

Emma Stone really played this character well in Easy A. The entire movie focused on her and she had a lot of dialogue and camera time. The character was very well written and fleshed out throughout the movie. This character gets fully developed in an hour and a half, not a lot of movies have character development this well done. A great 80’s style throwback movie with great characters, especially the lead character of Olive.

2: Cobb

Another well written character with vast layers of complexity. Seeing how Cobb’s past starts to affect the dream worlds his team is inhabiting is really well done.  The character is also very well acted and well written by Christopher Nolan.

1: Scott Pilgrim

This character was adapted from the graphic novels quite well. He is somebody you want to like but at times Scott acts like a real jerk in both the graphic novels and the movie and this came across quite well in the movie. It blends his likability with his selfishness incredibly well and is my favorite character this year.

Thanks for reading this list. Look for my top ten movies of 2010 list coming soon.

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