The Hottest Wings Ever

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Food

I just got done eating the hottest wings I’ve ever tasted. I got them from Northside Pizza & Wings in Breckenridge. I was told these wings are insanely hot and I was up for the challenge. I walked in and placed an order to go. I said I wanted the double black diamond wings and the bartender was kind of surprised. Also eating at the bar was somebody that I used to work with at another restaurant and is now working at Northside. He asked what I ordered and he said the wings are just too hot.

I got the wings and was walking home and decided to have one. It wasn’t that hot at first but it caught up to me pretty quick. It was hot as hell. I got home and had a couple more. At this point I was starting to sweat and my nose started to run. I waited a while to finish the wings. When I had the final three wings I was sweating, shaking, my nose was running and my eyes were watering.

I was told that the restaurant uses Bhut Jolokia/Ghost chili in the sauce for these wings. It wouldn’t surprise me. These are the hottest wings I’ve ever had and quite possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten.

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