CWF E-Fed Royal Rumble 2001

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Misc

I used to be in an e-fed called the CWF back on the old Planet Community forums. We used WWF No Mercy for this PPV, this is a copy of the post I made with the results. I had this text document on an old backup CD.

CWF Royal Rumble 2001

The pyros go off to start the second annual CWF Royal Rumble! The fans are going crazy. Madison Square Garden is at a capacity crowd for this event.

Dave-“Dave Motors here along with Lyle Kingsley, welcome to the second annual Royal Rumble. We have a he\ of a card for you tonight including Mr. Socko going against Machine in a Last Man Standing match and the 32 Man Royal Rumble.”

Lyle-“Thats right, 32 men in the ring all going for that first class ticket to WrestleMania for a shot at the world title. Speaking of the World Title tonight we will have a “Winner Takes All” match for the title and Becky. Maybe we’ll get to see some puppies!”

Dave-“Calm down Lyle. Lets go backstage with Mark Smith who is with Mr. Showtime.

Mark-“Well tonight Showtime you get a chance to put IceWarm in his place.
(Mr. Showtime grabs the mic from Mark’s hand.)
Mr. Showtime-“Listen up, thats Mr. Showtime to you. Anyways tonight, to put it simply I am going to show IceWarm why I am the “WHOLE D@MN SHOW!”

Dave-“That is going to be one heck of a match. Also tonight we have MoFo taking on Mr. Test for the European championship and Jabroni against Pierre in a No DQ match. Well Lyle lets get to the first match.”

(IceWarm’s music hits as the crowd boos him relentlessly. He walks past a fan who has a sign saying “Its Showtime!” and grabs the sign and rips it in half. He continues to the ring, he grabs the mic from the ring announcer and begins to speak.)

IceWarm-“Tonight I have to take on Mrs.Showtime. Well I am going to prove to all you ungrateful piece of cr@p fans that the only show he is capable of putting on is stripping for a bunch of old bit[hes who can’t get any, much like himself. Also I am going to…”

(Mr. Shotime’s music hits and the fans go crazy. They start to chant “Whole D@mn Show, Whole D@mn Show, Whole D@mn Show. Mr.Showtime walks out with a mic in hand.”

Mr.Showtime-“IceWarm, IceWarm, IceWarm you never fail to amaze me with how crappy your promos are. Because after tonight we will see what is crappier, you or your lame ass promos.”

(Mr.Showtime walks towards the ring and IceWarm gets out and heads up the ramp and Mr.Showtime and IceWarm begin to go at it.)

IceWarm VS Mr.Showtime
The two exchange blows on the rampway until finally the referee can get them into the ring. As soon as they both get into the ring IceWarm goes for a kick to the head of Showtime but it is blocked. They tie-up and Mr.Showtime gives IceWarm a hard scoop slam. IceWarm quickly gets up and goes for another kick but he is caught in mid move by Mr.Showtime, IceWarm then reverses with an Enziguri. IceWarm then whips Showtime into the bottom left corner and gives Mr. Showtime a few quick hits to the head. Showtime then whips IceWarm into the ropes and nails him with a dropkick. IceWarm hits Showtime with a rising clothesline and goes for another kick to the head but it blocked by Showtime. Showtime then counters with a low blow. IceWarm is laying on the mat in pain from the low blow, Showtime then applies a single crap but after a couple seconds IceWarm gets to the safety of the ropes. Right as IceWarm gets up he gets nailed with a “Showtime Spinning Uppercut” and then gets arm dragged by Showtime. IceWarm gets up but is on dream street. Showtime then locks up from behind and delivers many German Suplexes on IceWarm. Showtime then gives IceWarm even more German Suplexes. IceWarm gets up and gives Showtime a quick firemen’s carry. Showtime quickly gets up and goes for a kick but is blocked by IceWarm who delivers a standing clothesline counter. IceWarm sends Showtime into the ropes ropes but Showtime stops himself. Showtime goes over to IceWarm and gives him a powerbomb pin…1…2…3! Showtime wins, and the crowd goes crazy once again.

Your Winner…Mr. Showtime!

Dave-“Wow that was a great technical wrestling match.”

Lyle-“Yeah those two really wrestled a good match, but you know what would be better…PUPPIES!”

Dave-“Jeez Lyle, is that all you think about? Anyways let get on to our next match between MoFo and Mr.Test for the European championship.”

(MoFo’s music blares through the arena and MoFo walks out with a 40 in his hand. He takes a quick sip of it and tosses it into the crowd and walks down to the ring. MoFo grabs a mic.)

MoFo-“Yo, Test, tonight is a very special night because its going to be the last night of your title reign. I am gonna beat your ass down ghetto style and take that gold. Oh by the way I plan on tapping that ass all night long.”

(Mr.Test’s music comes on and the fans boo. He has a mic in hand.”)

Mr.Test-“Listen MoFo and listen good, you may think you are badass by drinking 40s, tapping asses and pretty much living in the ghetto, but all that won’t mean sh|t tonight after I beat you for the 1…2…3 in the middle of the ring and keep my title. So to make it so your ghetto brain can understand it, Get Ready To Get Smoked Dawg!”

(Mr. Test walks down the ramp with his title in hand. He gets to the referee and the ref holds the title up to show that it is on the line. The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway.)

[b]European Title Match-MoFo VS Mr.Test[/b]
Both men tie-up. Mr.Test gains the upper hand and gives MoFo a front powerslam. MoFo goes for a low blow but it gets blocked by Mr.Test, they tie-up again and this time MoFo gives Mr.Test a Russisn Leg Sweep. Mr.Test now goes for a low blow but it is blocked, they tie-up again and MoFo nails Mr.Test with a spinning European Uppercut that sends Mr.Test reeling. Mr.Test ties-up with Mofo but MoFo counter grapples and gives Mr.Test a spinning backdrop. Mr.Test then pulls off a head scissor takedown on MoFo. Mofo gets Mr.Test and is going for the chop down but Mr.Test reverses into a counter grapple and hits MoFo with a reverse suplex. MoFo slowly gets up only to be tied-up again. Mr.Test attempts to whip MoFo into the ropes but it is reversed, MoFo goes for an attack but Mr.Test ducks under. THe two exchange blows for a few seconds until Mr.Test ties up with MoFo. It gets reversed and MoFo nails a spinning backdrop. Mr.Test whips MoFo into the ropes and on the rebound hits a very hard clothesline on MoFo. He then applies an STF submission on Mofo. After about a few seconds MoFo gets the bottom rope. Mr.Test then sends MoFo into the corner and goes for a tie-up but MoFo reverses and gives Mr.Test some hard punches. Mr.Test goes down and MoFo grabs Mr.Test’s legs and gives him a hard knee to the groin. Mr.Test is in pain and gets an elbow drop from MoFo. Mr.Test then gets up and ties-up with MoFo and hits MoFo with a Belly To Belly and follows up with an elbow drop. Mr.Test front powerslams MoFo again. They tie-up, Mr.Test reverses with a counter grapple, MoFo counter grapples, Mr.Test counter grapples and MoFo counter grapples again. Mofo then gets the upper hand and gives Mr.Test a Rack Pancake. MoFo gets Mr.Test into the chop down and then delivers another knee to the groin. Mr.Test gets up and gives MoFo a powerbomb pin. 1…2…kick out! Head scissor takedown by Mr.Test, MoFo gets Mr,Test down and stomps away. MoFo connects with some powerful chops and gets Mr.Test down again. Mr.Test gets Mofo in a back grapple but MoFo counters with a Rin-Ne kick. MoFo then goes for a back grapple but Mr.Test kicks him right in the groin. MoFo lays in pain on the mat as Mr.Test drops another elbow. The two both tie-up again and MoFo nails Mr.Test with a flurry of mini chops to the neck. Mr.Test is down and MoFo goes for the cover…1…2…kick out! MoFo ties-up again and gives Mr.Test several powerful shoulder thrusts. MoFo whips Mr.Test into the corner and puts Mr.Test on the top turnbuckle…Superplex! MoFo goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Your Winner and New CWF European Champion…MoFo!

Lyle-“Oh my god…that was one great match! But the Icons lost, this will be emotionally scaring”

Dave-“Oh come on Dave, cut that crap, jeez. But I agree that match was great, they both gave it their all. There is no quit in either of those men and that was one of the best matches I have seen. Now we understand that Mark Smith is backstage with The Jabroni with a very important announcement. Mark…”


Mark Smith-“Yes Dave, I am here with The Jabroni who has a very important announcement about the Last Man Standing match between Mr. Socko and Machine. Jabroni…”

Jabroni-“I have added a very special stipulation to this match. Besides from being a No DQ Last Man Standing match, I have added the stipulation in the interest of fairness of No Interference. I want to see these two beat the living crap out of each other and I don’t want anybody to mess it up. Also if anybody should interfere there will be severe consequences. And the consequence for interfering in this match is an automatic three month suspension without pay. Now Mark if your candy ass will excuse me I have to get ready to lay the smack down and whip Pierre’s candy ass a little later tonight.”

Dave-“Can you believe that Lyle? A three month suspension for anybody who interferes in our next match.”

Lyle-“Yeah and without pay, if anybody interferes they must be willing to sit at home for three months just to get their hands on either Mr.Socko or Machine for a few seconds tonight.”

Dave-“Well it won’t be worth it for any superstar to interfere. Lets get to the match.”

(Machine comes out with flames going off all over the arena. He slowly walks to the ring with his bazooka and launches some pyro into the air he them gets into the ring, raises his hands and quickly brings them down as flames shoot out of all the ringposts. Mr.Socko’s music hits and the fans erupt. He stands at the top of the entry ramp with a mic.)

Mr.Socko-“You hear what Jabroni said Machine!? No Interference! So that means that your Ministry buddies can’t save your worthless ass now.”

(Mr.Socko drops the mic and runs into the ring and starts to exchange blows with Machine.)

No DQ, No Interference, Last Man Standing Match-Mr.Socko VS Machine
Both men come out kicking and punching. After a few seconds of just kicking and punching the tie-up. Mr.Socko gives Machine a piledriver in the middle of the ring. Machine gets up as if the piledriver had no effect and gives Mr.Socko a headbutt and then a DDT. They tie-up again and Mr.Socko executes a spinning uppercut on Machine, they tie up again and Machine goes for another headbutt, but it is blocked by Mr.Socko and he goes for a punch but Machine blocks it and reverses with a Manhattan Drop. They tie-up again and Mr.Socko reverses with a counter grapple and turns it into a backdrop. Mr.Socko ties-up with Machine and goes for a chokeslam but Machine counters with an elbow and gives Mr.Socko a rake to the eyes. Mr.Socko gets up and gives Machine a low blow, he then whips Machine into the corner and gives him the 10 punch. He picks up Machine and gives him a back grapple that he turns into a spinning backdrop. Mr.Socko goes for another back grapple and pulls off a reverse DDT on Machine. Machine gets up and gets a few blows to the body in on Mr.Socko and tries to whip Mr.Socko against the ropes but it is reversed and Mr.Socko turns it into a slam. Anothe rback grapple by Mr. Socko and he pulls another spinning backdrop. He pulls Machine up and taunts him with a crotch chop, he then gives Machine a TKO! Then he whips Machine into the ropes and climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails Machine with a Diamond Dust!! He picks up Machine who is on dream street after the Diamond Dust and sets him up, Mr. Socko bounces against the ropes and gives Machine a very hard DDT. Machine counters with a low blow then gives Mr.Socko a DDT of his own. Machine punches Mr.Socko a few times and gives him another DDT, followed by another. Machine whips Mr.Socko into the corner and gives him a headbutt. They tie-up but Mr.Socko counter grapples and hits a backdrop followed up by a figure 4 leg lock. The two exchange blows again and Mr.Socko whips Machine into the ropes and gives him a DDT. Mr.Socko gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from ringside. He brings it into the ring and nails Machine in the head. Machine gets busted open. But he quickly gets up and wipes his head and licks the blood off his fingers. He then grapples with Mr.Socko and gives him a hige Chokeslam From He\! Machine takes the chair and lays it in the center of the ring and whips Mr.Socko into the corner and gives him a Super DDT of the top onto the chair! A few seconds later Mr.Socko gets up only to be whipped into the corner again and this time get a Diamond Dust! Mr.Socko recovers and hits Machine with a spinning backdrop, he picks up Machine and uses the rope as a slingshot and nails Machine with a missile dropkick. Machine grabs Mr.Socko and hit him with a very powerful punch to the head. It looks like Socko is out, he can’t get up, but at the last second Mr.Socko gets up! However he gets a scoop piledriver from Machine and he also gets busted open. He recovers though and gives Machine a powerbomb and another missile dropkick. Next he runs against the ropes and hits Machine with a Springboard Lionsault! They tie-up and Mr.Socko gives Machine another TKO! Machine is having a hard time getting up after that but finally manages to do it. Mr.Socko is waiting on Machine and hits him with a hurricanrana. They tie up again and Mr.Socko counter grapples into a very hard spinning backdrop. Mr.Socko goes for a kick but gets caught by Machine, a couple seconds later Mr.Socko gives Machine a Enziguri counter. He whips Machine into the corner and nails another Diamond Dust followed up by a spinning uppercut! Then a DDT! And another Diamond Dust! Socko has really turned this match around! He gives Machine a suplex. He trys to whip Machine into the ropes but it is reverese and Mr.Socko gets slammed and then gets his head bounced off the mat a few times by Machine. Machine grapples and nails Mr.Socko with a Russian Neckdrop! Machine back grapples Mr.Socko but it gets countered witha Rin-Ne kick and Machine gets whipped into one corner and gets a Diamond Dust, followed by another Diamond Dust in the opposite corner! Machine gets up snd gives Mr.Socko a quick backbreaker. Mr.Socko then gives Machine a chokeslam and taunts him. Another Diamond Dust!! Followed by a suplex. Another Diamond Dust!!! Mr.Socko gives Machine a clinching slam. Machine pulls off a sideslam amd then gives Mr.Socks a hard German Suplex! He whips Mr.Socko into the ropes and hits him with a DDT and gives him a Diamong Dust! Mr.Socko gets up and gives Machine an arm dragon screw. Machine whips Mr.Socko into the ropes and nails a Samoan Drop followed by a backbreaker. He whips Mr.Scoko again and excutes a spinebuster. Another Russian Neckdrop! Mr.Socko gets whipped again and gets another spinebuster. Mr.Socko gibes Machine a backbreaker then gives him a backdrop. Mr.Socko applies an Indian Deathlock! Machine gives Mr.Socko another backbreaker then rakes his eyes. Russian Neckdrop by Machine followed by a jawbreaker. Mr.Socko pulls a few quick body blows on Machine and hits him with another missile dropkick. He goes for a piledriver but Machine reverese it into a back body drop. Socko picks up a 2×4 from the crowd and smashes it on Machine’s head. The board splits in half and has blood all over it. Socko then DDTs Machine onto the broken half of the board. Machine gets up and gives Mr.Socko a clinching slam on the chair in the middle of the ring. Low blow by Mr.Socko! Machine counters and gives Mr.Socko a Russian Neckdrop. Machine watches as Mr.Socko can’t get up. Mr.Socko is knocked out!

Your Winner…Machine!

Dave-“Oh my god…never in all my years have I seen men inflict such punishment on each other. They went at it for a good 35-40 minutes!”

Lyle-“I know, they punished each other and took each other to the limit. I say there was no winner of this match…just a survivor.”

Dave-“This match was brutal but I think our next match will be equally as brutal, we have Jabroni going against Pierre next.”

( If Ya Smelllllllllll What The Jabroni is Cookin’! Jabroni comes out with his music playing and wearing the UHF title. He walks into the ring with his unique style and grabs the mic from the ring announcer.)

Dave-“Whats that, he hes the UHF title.”

Lyle-“Yippiee, another belt for Jabroni!

Jabroni-“Pierre, you bo-jangled French fairy! Get your candy ass out right now and fight me like a man! Wait a sec, thats impossible for you to be a man considering you are a hermaphrodite freak. So get your ass out here.”

(Pierre’s music starts but Pierre is nowhere to be found. Jabroni taunts Pierre again.)

Jabroni-“Come on you candy ass, get out here!”

(Pierre’s music hits again but again Pierre is nowhere to be found. Jabroni is losing his patience.)

Jabroni-“Come on and just bring it!”

(Pierre’s music hits again but he is not to be found. Jabroni is standing in the middle of the ring looking up at the entry area when out of nowhere Pierre slips out from under the ring and quietly gets in the ring behind Jabroni.)

Lyle-Jabroni watch out, you got Pierre right behind you!”

(Right as Jabroni begins to turn around he is greeted by a superkick from Pierre! Jabroni falls backwards and drops the mic, he gets up a couple seconds alter and the match is on)

No DQ-Jabroni VS Pierre
They both tie up and Jabroni whips Pierre into the ropes and gives Pierre a sleeper hold. Jabroni then grapples Pierre and suplexes him. Pierre fights back with a few kicks followed by a somersault kick. Jabroni gets Pierre into a sleeper hold again. Pierre gives Jabroni another somersault kick folled by a slam. Jabroni suplex Pierre again and gives him a Jabroni Bottom! He goes for the cover…1…2…kick out! Jabroni picks up Pierre and gives him a DDT, but Pierre fights back with a powerslam and goes for the cover…1…kick out. Jabroni gets a metal breifcase from the announcer table and clocks Pierre over the head with it. Jabroni taunts Pierre a bit and then whips him into the corner and delivers a super rib breaker off the top rope and goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Your Winner…Jabroni!

(Jabroni is celebrating his victory talking trash to Pierre when all of a sudden a person in a black jacket and a ski mask comes down and gets in the ring. Pierre gets up and is really mad and is staring down Jabroni. The masked person gets in the ring and stands beside Pierre. The masked person has Pierre’s back. Just as Pierre is heading to attack Jabroni the masked person gives Pierre a low blow! As Pierre is standing there in pain Jabroni gives Pierre a Jabroni Bottom, talks some trash and gets out of the ring. The masked person stands over the fallen Pierre and removes the mask. Its Marie Daemon!)

Dave-“Oh my god, why did she attack Pierre, I though her and Piere were friends.”

Lyle-“I have no idea what is going on, but I am glad to see that The Icons were victorious and my favorite CWF interview is back. Yippeeee!”

(Marie gets a mic from the ring announcer.)

Marie-“Well Pierre I am back. As I know many of you are wondering, why would I attack poor little Pierre? Well the answer is simple. When I was in the hospital he only came to visit me three days a week. He knew that a beautiful CWF interviewer like myself deserves more attention that that. I know people are going to say “Oh Pierre has a busy schedule and he can’t always visit you in the hospital” Well I say thats bullsh|t, and Pierre got what he deserved!”

(Marie hands the mic back to the ring announcer and takes off her jacket. She is wearing an Icons shirt!)

Dave-“What does this mean!? Is she in the Icons!?”

Lyle-“I don’t know, nor do I care, she is back and hotter than ever!”

Dave-“Well lets get onto our first main event match…Carnage VS Ringmaster in a Winner Take All Match!”

(The arena goes dark as Carnage’s music hits…the fans boo and Carnage makes his way to the ring. He gets in and picks up a mic.)

Carnage-“Well, Well, Well, it seams like there will be no title match tonight!”

(The fans boo and boo and boo at hearing this.)

Carnage-“See it seems that Ringmaster has been in an unfortunate accident and won’t be here tonight. Hahahahaha! The World Title is mine and so is that b|tch Becky, she is right here.”

(The shark cage lowers and Carnage gets Becky out. She is handcuffed and gagged.)

Carnage-“Now the bit[h and the title are mine!”

(Carnage begins to leave as Mr.Socko’s music hits. The fans go crazy. Mr.Socko is at the top of the entry way with a mic.)

Mr.Socko-“Carnage I don’t think so. You ain’t gonna get off that easy! As for tonight goes, I may not be 100% but I am still capable of kicking your ass for that gold!”

(Just then as Carnage is about to speak Black Flag’s music hits. He is at the top of the arena on a catwalk.)

Black Flag-“I am after that title also, and I deserve my rematch, and I want it tonight!”

Carnage-“I will destroy you both and take your souls…you are both on!”

Lyle-“Whoa, triple threat for the title. What already would have been a great main event just got better!”

Dave-“You got that right Lyle, all three of these men want that title and will stop at nothing to get it. This should be one he\ of a triple threat match!”

Triple Threat World Title Match-Mr.Socko VS Black Flag VS Carnage
Black Flag starts off by giving Carnage a suplex. Then both Carnage and Mr.Socko excute a double team powerbomb on Black Flag! Black Flag fights back with a punch followed by a spinebuster on Carnage. Mr.Socko whips Carnage into the corner and then backdrops Black Flag. Carnage comes back over and bulldogs Mr.Socko. Black Flag who is waiting gives Mr.Socko a standing sidekick right in the mouth. Socko then back grapples Carnage and gives him a spinning backdrop. Black Flagg attempts to suplex Carnage but Carnage reverses into a suplex of his own. Carnage then bulldogs Black Flag. Black Flag gets up and back grapples Carnage but Carnage turns it into a Russian Leg Sweep. Carnage goes for a cover on Black Flag…1…2…Mr.Socko breaks it up. Mr. Socko gives Black Flag a chop to the chest and then applies a figure 4. He then whips Black Flag into the ropes and backdrops Carnage. Mr.Socko and Black Flag give Carnage a double team powerbomb drop followed by a double team piledriver! Black Flag suples Carnage. Carnage gets a few blows in on Mr.Socko before Black Flag gives Carnage a spinning back drop. Mr.Socko punches Black Flag and he in now against the ropes. Carnage back grapples him and gives him a backdrop. Carnage whips Mt. Socko into the ropes but Black Flag comes by and delivers a neckbreaker on Carnage. Black Flag then receives a backdrop form Mr.Socko. Black Flag gets behind Carnage and grapples and slams Carnage with a Tiger Driver! Both Carnage and Mr.Socko give Black Flag a double team powerbomb drop. Carnage goes for the cover on Black Flag but Mr.Socko breaks it up. Black Flag punches Mr.Socko and Carnage gets behind him and gives Mr.Socko a german suplex. Black Flag whips Carnage into the ropes and nails him with a hurricanran! Mr.Socko and Black Flag tie-up and Black Flag gives Mr.Socko a snapmare. Then Black Flag and Carnage give Mr.Socko a spike piledriver! Black Flag goes for the cover but Carnage breaks it up. Mr. Socko goes outside and grabs the steel steps and smashes them into the skull of Black Flag. Black Flag is busted open. Then Carnage gets Mr.Socko and backdrops him on the the steps. Black Flag and Mr.Socko give Carnbage another double team powerbomb drop, this time on the steel steps! Black Flag whips Carnage into the ropes but Mr.Socko grapples Carnage and backdrops him. Black Flag then ties-up with Carnage and gives him an arm wrench with a hook kick. A double team powerbomb on Mr.Socko from Carnage and Black Flag! Now another spike piledriver on Carnage! Carnage delivers a backdrop to Black Flag. Spinning backdrop on Mr.Socko from Black Flag. Carnage gets Mr.Socko from behind and bulldogs him. Mr.Socko then suplex Black Flag onto the steps. Black Flag goes to ringside and pulls out a sledge hammer! He smashes it against the torso or Mr.Socko! Carnage then grabs Black Flag and gives him a devastating Tombstone piledriver and goes for the cover and gets a 2 count before Mr.Socko breaks it up. Now all the men are outside. Carnage grabs Mr.Socko and rolls him back into the ring. Black Flag gets in the ring quickly and suplexs Mr.Socko Carnage sneaks up on Black Flag and DDTs him. Black Flag whips Carnage into the ropes and gives him a spinebister! Black Flag goes for a submission but it gets broken up by Mr.Socko again. Double team powerbomb on Carnage by Black Flag and Mr.Socko! Black Flag then backdrops Carnage, Mr.Socko goes for the cover but gets kicked by Black Flag. Black Flag goes for the cover on Mr.Socko…1…2…3! Carnage just gets up right as the ref’s hand comes down for the for the third time.

[b]Your Winner And The New CWF World Champion…Black Flag![/b]

(Sarah comes out to help Mr.Socko, Carnage gets up and is about to chokeslem Mr.Socko when Sarah gives Carnage a low blow. Mr.Socko then gives Carnage a TKO and Sarah and Mr.Socko leave with Becky.)

Dave-“New CWF World Champion! I don’t believe it. Black Flag got the title again. Its been a long time since he had the strap. Now we will see who will face Black Flag at WrestleMania with the 32 man Royal Rumble!”

Lyle-“You viewers out there have seen nothing yet. The Royal Rumble is coming up and we will see who goes to WrestleMania! Dave, I think I’m going through withdrawal…I have not seen any puppies all night!”

Dave-“There is a newstand up on the consessions level, buy a Playboy or something! Now lets get to the Rumble!”

32 Man Royal Rumble For A CWF World Title Shot At Wrestlemania!

First Men In: Anarchy, MoFo, Soviak, and Sam Traert

Sam and Soviak begin to fight as MoFo and Anarchy go at it. Sam get dropkicked in the back of the head by Anarchy. MoFo delivers several shoulder thrusts on Soviak. MoFo then gives Soviak a brainbuster! Sam eliminstes Anarchy. Here comes Jabroni! Jabroni puts Soviak in a sleeper hold then backdrops his. MoFo bulldogs Sam and then gives him a Screwdriver! Jabroni goes up top and hit Soviak with a double axe handle! Then both Jabroni and MoFo give Sam a touble team powerbomb drop! Jabroni back grapples Soviak but it gets reversed into a Russian Leg Sweep. Both Soviak and Jabroni give MoFo a spike piledriver. MoFo gets back grappled but gives Soviak a Rin-Ne kick. MoFo punches Soviak in the face and busts him open! MoFo then gives Jabroni a spinning backdrop. Then Sam gets busted open by MoFo! Jabroni back grapples Soviak and nails him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Jabroni gets a rack pancake from MoFo. Jabroni and Sam spike piledriver MoFo! Sam then goes up top and hits a diving headbutt on MoFo. MoFo then eliminates Soviak…here comes Mr.Test! Jabroni and Sam whip MoFo into the ropes and give him a double arm drag! Mr.Test gives MoFo a pumphandle slam. He then back rakes Jabroni then gives him a reverse suplex! MoFo then gets whipped into the roped and clotheslined by Mr.Test and MoFp gets busted open! Jabroni gives Sam a backbreaker. Sam then gets up and punches Jabroni in the face busting him open also! Mr.Test then hits a huge DDT on Jabroni! Also Sam superplexes MoFo! MoFo knocks Jabroni onto the apron…What the he\…Soviak and Narcissus pulled Jabroni off eliminating him! Here comes Y2DM! Mr.Test gives Y2DM a back rake. Then MoFo and Sam double team powerbomb Y2DM! Y2DM gets up and powerslams Mr.Test, Mr.Test goes for a german suplex on Y2DM but Y2DM flips over him. Mr.Test whips Y2DM and leapfrogs over him, he goes through the ropes and Mr.Test punches him off, Y2DM is eliminated, here comes Mad Dog! Mad Dog reverses a head scissor attempt by Mr.Test, he then hurricanranas MoFo! Mr.Test and MoFo hit a double team powerbmob drop on Sam! They they hit one on Mad Dog! Mr.Test wliminates Sam! Here comes Bruiser! Tiger Driver by Mad Dog on Mr.Test! MoFo back grapples Bruiser but it gets reveresd and Brusier hits a pumphandle! Double underhook suplex on Mofo from Bruiser. Mr.Test eliminates Mad Dog! Here comes Pedro! Pedro delivers a hard German Suplex on MoFo! Brusier gets behind Pedro and bulldogs him. Pedro headbutts Bruiser. Bruiser delivers another pumphandle on MoFo! Superkick to the back of MoFo’s head by Brusier. Pedro and MoFo give Bruiser a double team powerbomb drop! Bruisse hits a Diamond dust on MoFo! Pedro nails Brusier with a top rope hurricanrana! Pedro and MoFo slam Brusier with a double team powerbomb! Brusier eliminates Pedro! Here comes Chuc! Bruiser back grapples Chuc and gives him a bulldog. Now MoFo and Brusier spike piledriver Chuc! Mr.Test hits Brusier with a front powerslam, followed by a legdrop. MoFo gives Chuc a superplex! Brusier delivers a backbreaker to MoFo. Both Brusier and Chuc eliminate MoFo! Here comes IceWarm! IceWarm reverses a kick by Chuc and turns it into a dragon screw, meanwhile Mr.Test gives Brusier a reverse suplex. Chuc nails IceWarm with a climb up wheel kick. Mr. Test eliminates Bruiser! Here comes Stickboy! Stickboy gives chuc an atomic drop. IceWarm back grapples Stickboy but Stickboy reverses with a groin kick. IceWarm whips Stickboy into the dropes and gives him a dropkick eliminating him! Here comes Pierre! Head scissor takedown on IceWarm by Mr.Test. Chuc kicks IceWarm through the ropes and kicks him again eliminating him! Here comes Mr.Showtime! Front powerslam from Mr.Test to Me.Showtime. Mr.Test goes for a punch but Mr.Showtime reverses it into an arm bar. Mr.Showtime then arm bars Pierre. Then both Pierre and Mr.Showtime give Mr.Test a double wish bone. Pierre gets whipped into the ropes and leap frogged over by Chuc and gets eliminated! Here comes J E Double F! Mr.Test kicks Mr.Showtime over the ropes, eliminated! Here comes Hardkore! Mr.Test whips Chuc into the ropes and hits him with a Samoan Drop, Hardkore punches away on JE Double F. J E Double F then applies an arm wrench with an elbow to the back of Hardkore’s head. Chuc nails Mr.Test with a quick somersault kick right to the face. Hardkore grapples with Mr.Test and gives him a hige brainbuster. Hardkore then grapples with Chuc and gives him The Hardkore He\!(TKO) Mr.Test weakens J E Doble F and applies a sleeper while J E Double F is down. Big Boot right to the face of Chuc from Hardkore. Hardkore then piledrivers Chuc. Mr.Test gets Hardkore in a head scissor takedown. Hardkore and Mr.Test apply a double underhook drop on Chuc! Hardkore applies a rear naked choke on Chuc. J E Double F gives Mr.Test a falling neck breakner. J E Double F whips Chuc into the corner and gibes him a Diamond Dust! Hardkore gives J E Double F a T-Bone Suplex. Mr.Test gives J E Double F a fallaway slam. Chuc goes up top and gives Hardkore a top rope super hurricanrana! Hardkore goes after Mr.Tet with a flurry of punches that send him over the top…Eliminated! Here comes He\razor! J E Double F dropkicks He\razor through the ropes, eliminated! Here comes Hawk! Chuc knocks down Hardkore and Hawk gives Hardkore a leg drop. Hawk and J E Double F hit Chuc with a spike piledriver! J E Double F gets up and whips Hardkore into the corner and nails him with a Diamond Dust! Hardkore hits a tope rope Samoan Drop on Chuc! Hawk grapples with J E Double F and gives him a pancake. Hardkore grapples Hawk and nails him with a Hardkore He\! Hardkore whips Chuc into the ropes and gives him a big boot and sends him to the apron, Hardkore kiccks Chuc again…Eliminated! Here comes Mr.Socko! Hardkore ties-up with Mr.Socko and gives him a Hardkore He\ for his troubles. Mr.Socko gets up and whips Hardkore against the ropes and connects with a Springboard Lionsault. J E Double F and Hawk pummel Mr.Socko and then Hawk gives him an elbow drop. J E double F dropkicks Hawk and he goes over the top…eliminated! Here comes big John! He gets the beaten down by Hardkore and gets eliminated. Here comes Tazz making a special CWF appearance! Mr.Socko gives Tazz a TKO and tosses him over. Next Timebomb comes out and gets in, but is whipped against the ropes and tossed over by Hardkore! Coorral Crackhead now comes out! Cabosse grabs Corpral Crackhead ad chokeslams him over the ropes. Weasel comes out and slides into the ring. But J E Double F just dropkicks him out of the ring. Here comes Jericho making a special appearance! Hardkore gets Mr.Socko against the ropes and ives him a hard punch to the head sending him over! Here comes Caboose! Cabnoose gets in and quickly gives J E Double F a big boot over the top! Now it is just Caboose, Hardkore and Jericho! Cabooae hits Hardkore with a big pumphandle slam! Caboose grabs Jericho and tosses him over! Now it is just Caboose and Hardkore! Hardkore hits a capture suplex on Caboose. Caboose whips Hardkore into the ropes and gives him a superplex! Hardkore gets up an bukkdogs Caboose. He whips Caboose into the ropes and gives him a top rope Samoan Drop! Caboose with another pumphandle on Hardkore. Hardkore and Caboose keep going at it. Hardkore gives Caboose a backbreaker. Hardkore He\ on Caboose! Hardkore whips Caboose into the ropes and leap frogs him. Caboose falls through the ropes. Hardkore delivers the final blow and eliminates Caboose!

Your Winner…And On His Way To WrestleMania…Hardkore!

Dave-“Wow, that was one hack of a Rumble. It lasted for over an hour!”

Lyle-“Yeah and now Hardkore will be going to WrestleMania to face Black flag for the CWF World Title.”

(All of a sudden CTV comes on. It shows Marie changing into her interview clothes. Lyle loves this.)

Lyle-“Puppies!!! Finally! Puppies!”

(CTV goes off.)

Lyle-“Wel lwe got to see a little bit of puppies!”

Dave-“Well thats all for the spectacular 2001 Royal Rumble, we’ll see you all on RAW tomorrow.”

(CWF Royal Rumble 2001 goes off the air.)

I hope you all liked it. The people in the end of the Royal Rumble were all made up except for Tazz and Jericho, I had to fill in with some other people. Well peace out all, and I hope you liked the Rumble.

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