Punch-Out Review

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Games


Punch-Out for the Wii is here! Wow this game is a total blast!

Punch-Out is a NES classic and is regarded as one of the greatest games ever made. So when Nintendo announced a Wii version I was excited, but somewhat skeptical. I thought it may play too much like boxing on the Wii Sports game…boy was I wrong!

The gameplay is as simple as it was on the original. You have left and right punches and you can dodge, and block as well. The controls are simple and very responsive. You punch with the Wii controller and Numchuck attachment. You control Little Mac’s movements with the thumbstick and you also press up on the thumbstick to punch opponents in the face. The game also features balance board support for moving and ducking. And if  you want to play it old school you can turn the Wii remote on its side and play it like a NES controller.

The characters from the classic are back as well and now have little intro cutscenes that are pretty funny. The graphical style works really well on all of the characters. One missing character is Mario as the referee.

The classic Punch-Out music is also present and it just sounds so cool hearing it when you’re pounding away on Glass Joe, King Hippo, or any of the other characters the series is known for. The sound effects have been updated but still have the feel of the original game.

Nintendo knows what works and how to bring a classic franchise into the current generation. Overall if you enjoyed the original, this updated version is sure to please.

Overall Score: * * * * *

(All scores are out of 5 stars)

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