Batman Arkham Asylum Review

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Games


Here is my review of Batman Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360, the game is also available on Playstation 3 as well as PC.

This has to be the best Batman game ever created, and that really does not say much because most Batman games have been pretty poor. This one however gets everything about Batman and the Batman mythology right. The story works well to include various characters from Batman’s long history and they all feel like they should be there and no characters feel like they’re just thrown in. They all work to service the story.

The gameplay is also excellent. The game plays a lot like a Metroid game where you have access to almost the entire map but certain areas are blocked off until you get the necessary equipment to get through. For example there are areas that you need to plant explosive gel on in order to get into them but you don’t have the gel right away. Like say bombs or missiles in a Metroid game that let you get into doors you couldn’t get into otherwise.

The combat is also very well done and the animations are all very fluid. The combat looks like something you’d see in a movie. It never looks repetitive and it is very satisfying to take on a mob of Joker’s henchmen and watch the combat unfold in such a fluid fashion.

The stealth elements of combat are also quite satisfying. When you are picking off armed henchmen one by one and watching the others begin to freak out is really neat. Also many of the ways you can eliminate enemies are very cool. I personally like hanging on a gargoyle and hanging a henchman on it for all the other enemies to see and then watching them panic

Another thing I love is that areas that would normally be instant death traps give you a brief opportunity to escape. This really keeps the flow of the game going so you don’t always die and have to restart. Just a nice touch to keep the flow of the game moving nicely.

The Riddler also adds a lot of replay value to the game as you try to solve his various riddles and find the hidden collectibles in the game such as the Riddler trophies, and patient interview tapes scattered throughout the game. There is also a challenge mode for a little extra added replayability.

The only gameplay issue I had was the camera can sometimes get in the way and you’ll sometimes get killed by an armed enemy because you didn’t see him because of the camera.

The audio and voice work is top notch. Voice actors from the animated series like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Arleen Sorkin all lend their voices to the game and the dialogue couldn’t be more perfect. The sound effects and ambient sounds are also top notch.

Graphics are also great and the visuals are perfect for the setting. Being able to go around Arkham Island ans experience the dark gritty nature of it is excellent. The characters all look great as well and the animations are all great.


  • Great combat system
  • Voice acting is top notch
  • Ability to escape what would otherwise be instant death traps
  • An excellent Batman experience


  • The camera can get into the way

Overall Score: * * * * *

(All scores are out of 5 stars)

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