Top 5 Futurama Episodes

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Television

Futurama is a great television program that in my opinion was not only funnier but also smarter than The Simpsons and could do a lot more since the show was set 1000 years into the future. Sadly the series was canceled after only five seasons. Comedy Central eventually picked up the license but before Bender’s Big Score we only had five seasons to choose from. These are my picks for top five episodes from the original run of the series.

#5 – Insane In The Mainframe


This is the first episode to feature the insane, stabbing obsessed robot Roberto. What makes this episode so good was the scenes featured in the Hal Institute For Criminally Insane Robots. Fry is put in the asylum along with Bender and Roberto. The really great material in this episode is Fry trying to convince Dr. Perceptron that he is not a robot and does not belong in the asylum. This makes for some very funny scenes and is used in the ending as well. The movie Bender’s Game also used the asylum and is a nice throwback to this episode.

#4 – Luck of The FryishLuck of The Fryish

This episode stands out as it is one of the few episodes that explores Fry’s childhood. Many other episodes show his true past but this is one of the few that shows him growing up with his family. It is also an emotional episode. The basis of this episode is that Fry had a lucky seven leaf clover as a kid. It eventually goes missing and Fry assumes his brother became such a success in life because of the clover. I won’t spoil the ending but it is definitely one of the most emotional endings of any of the episodes of Futurama.

#3 – Anthology of Interest II


The Anthology of Interest episodes were always great because it would put the characters in weird “What-If” style segments. All of the segments in both of these episodes were great but one segment in Anthology of Interest II stands out as a fan favorite. In Fry’s segment he wonders what life would be like if it were more like a video game. Many classic video games are references here including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders just to name a few. The Space Invaders segment is so funny and so true to the game. Also featuring Tom Sawyer by Rush only makes this episode that much better.

#2 – Roswell That Ends Well


This is another standout episode because it deals greatly with Fry’s past all the while showing an alternate history to the Roswell incident in 1947. The story works so well because the characters are taken out of their element and put into a time completely alien to them, pun not intended. The US government finds parts of Bender’s body and thinks it is a UFO. They also capture Dr. Zoidberg and believe him to the the pilot of what they thought was the UFO. Fry’s past is also revealed here and becomes a major plot point for future episodes and why Fry lacks the delta brain wave which makes him immune to the Brainspawn featured in The Day The Earth Stood Stupid and The Why of Fry.

#1 – Where No Fan Has Gone Before


Myself being a huge Star Trek fan I consider this episode to be the best of the series. It was well written and pokes fun at Star Trek fans much like William Shatner did on Saturday Night Live. Also the writers who wrote the Family Guy episode Not All Dogs Go To Heaven could have learned a lot from this episode. They make great use of the Star Trek cast in this Futurama episode as well as a ton of references to many original series episodes and moments. This episode gives so much fan service to Star Trek fans that it is truly how an episode like this should be done.

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