Tiger Woods 10 Review

Posted: June 28, 2009 in Games


This year’s edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour is out. Here is my review.

This is your standard Tiger Woods game. You start off by either just playing or by creating a custom golfer to play with. As before you can use the Xbox Live Vision camera to put your own face in the game. I skipped this feature this time because of the amount of time it took in the 09 version and because the results generally look pretty bad. One time it looked like my head was wrapped in plastic. However all the usual golfer creation options are there.

Once you create your golfer you can play in a variety of game modes. You have the standard stuff we’ve come to expect from the previous games. There is also a career mode like before. The Tiger Challenge has been renamed to Tournament challenge yet the main part of it remains pretty much the same. You go through various challenges each with different requirements to win.

There is one new type of challenge that really is a pain and just feels like EA stroking Tiger’s ego yet again. In this mode you are presented with some of Tiger’s amazing shots from his career. They give you a retrospective look with Tiger Woods on these shots as well. They make you match him shot for shot. This is a total pain and is more frustrating than fun. The first one of these is on TPC Sawgrass and you have to land a drive on the edge of the water hole and then putt the ball across close to the entire green. Getting the ball on the green is not enough. You have to land it in a certain area and then follow up with an incredibly long putt. This new kind of challenge is just frustrating and makes this game a lot less fun when you are presented with one of these challenges.

Another major gripe I have is that if you are playing in a career tournament you can no longer save your progress mid-round. If you want to play a round of a torunament you have to play the entire round. I loved the option to save your game in the middle of a round and why they would take it out is beyond me.

Everything else is pretty much the same from the previous game. The club tuning returns as well as the EA GamerNet challenges. Another thing that is starting to get on my nerves about games in general is these companies cutting out stuff that should be included and then charging the player to get that content into the game. In Tiger Woods 10 the Spyglass Hill course is not included and you’ll have to spend 600 Microsoft points to get it into the game if you want to play this course. This practice is getting old. These courses were included many games ago and in my opinion should still be included today.

Overall Tiger Woods 10 is what we’d come to expect in this series. However a few major problems hold it back from the 09 version.


  • Solid golf game with many modes of play
  • Great amount of golfer customization


  • New shot matching challenge is a pain and is very frustrating
  • No more saving games mid-round
  • Some courses not included on disc and need to be paid for

Overall Score: * * *

(All scores are out of 5 stars)

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