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Posted: May 22, 2009 in Movies



The Movie:

Waiting is a workplace comedy that focuses on a busy night shift in a typical cookie cutter style restaurant. For anybody who has ever worked in a restaurant you will feel right at home while watching Waiting. The situations, characters, and dialogue are spot on from the real restaurant business.

There is not much of a story in Waiting, but it does not really need one either. It is just about a single shift at the ShenaniganZ restaurant. There are many funny moments along with a handful of gross-out jokes but overall the comedy is very good and the gross-out jokes are balanced out with some smart comedy as well.

The acting is also very well done. Much of the cast in Waiting were fairly new to actors/actresses to me with the exception of Ryan Reynolds, and Luis Guzman. All of the actors/actresses do an excellent job of portraying servers and the kitchen staff.

Overall Waiting is a great workplace comedy in the same vein as Office Space. You’ll definitely enjoy this movie a lot more if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant but it is still an enjoyable comedy for those who have not worked in the field.

Overall Movie Score: * * * * *

The DVD:

The two disc deluxe edition comes packed with a ton of extras including deleted scenes, outtakes, a “making of” featurette, director/producer commentary as well as selected scene commentaries by a handful of the cast plus a couple smaller documentaries. This DVD set comes loaded with a great amount of bonus material, making it well worth the price. When I bought this DVD I got it on Amazon.com for just $9.99, worth every penny.

Overall DVD Score: * * * * *

Still Waiting

The Movie:

Still Waiting takes place shortly after the original. Most of the cast returns however a few of the more memorable characters are absent from Still Waiting. The most noticeable being Ryan Reynolds, who in my opinion added so much to the original. If he were to be in this movie it would have made it much better.

Unlike the original Still Waiting has a more of a story. The story of Still waiting being that a different ShenaniganZ is in direct competition with a Hooters style wing restaurant next door. Also the story focuses on the ShenaniganZ manager trying to meet a $9000 sales goal to hopefully get promoted to district manager.

The situations in Still Waiting are still very realistic but not as spot-on as they were in Waiting. The acting is still very good but a couple characters don’t come off as realistic as similar characters in the original movie.

Overall Still Waiting is not as funny as the original but it still makes for another enjoyable workplace comedy.

Overall Movie Score: * * * *

The DVD:

Still Waiting was released straight to DVD. It is a single disc as opposed to the double disc of Waiting but the single disc is still loaded with some very nice extras. Deleted scenes, outtakes and a commentary are all included on the disc. Not as many extras as Waiting but still a fair amount for a straight-to-DVD movie. It costs a little more than the Waiting DVD because it is still a fairly new release. It goes for around $14 on Amazon.com, still worth it though.

Overall DVD Score: * * * *

(All scores are out of 5 stars)

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