Star Wars CCG(Decipher)

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Games

I used to play this game a lot back in 1996 and 1997 and continued to buy the cards up until the Death Star 2 expansion. Then the toy store where I worked and bought all my Star Wars CCG cards was sold to new owners and I was never able to find any other place locally that sold them.

The game was a ton of fun as you could have battles and stuff going on at many locations all at once. Doing something like blowing up the Death Star was pretty tough to do and I remember almost having a heart attack when I was drawing “Destiny” cards and adding up all the values of my X-Wings and pilots to see if I destroyed it. I mean a full large scale game could take up almost an entire table depending on how many location cards were in play. Locations are printed in landscape style and are laid on the table the same way. You could seriously have battles going on at location sites across the table as well as planet locations sites in space. It is like you are creating your own Star Wars stories while playing the game.

My friend and I were all about the Cloud City set back in 1997. It had Boba Fett, both a light and dark side version of Lando Calrissian, the duel cards between Vader and Luke Skywalker one if Luke ended up losing he could be turned to the dark side. It also had alternate versions of Han and Leia.

The last cards I was able to buy were from The Death Star 2 set. I never got the Emperor of Luke Skywalker cards from that set because they added a rarity to them making them ultra rare because the cards were wicked powerful.

I have a ton of these cards in boxes, I believe they are still at my parent’s house. I really need to take the time and organize them into set, card type and then card if I have duplicates.

It is kind of a shame they Decipher lost the Star Wars license in 2001. I haven’t played the Wizards of The Coast version though.

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