Ghostbusters The Video Game

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Games


I finally got the Ghostbusters video game Thursday afternoon. I was really looking forward to this game and was disappointed when it was temporarily cancelled only a couple months before its release in 2008. Thankfully Atari picked up the publishing rights and we now can enjoy this game.

The game is essentially Ghostbusters 3. The game takes place in 1991, two after Ghostbusters 2. Both Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. This adds a lot to the game as the story and dialogue is totally spot-on and feels like something you’d hear in a Ghostbusters movie. The majority of the primary cast lend their voices and likenesses to the game as well. There are a couple people who declined to be in the game but I didn’t miss them all that much.

You play as a rookie Ghostbuster. This works well in my opinion because you get to observe all the main Ghostbusters from the viewpoint of an outsider or in the case of the movies the audience. This allows you to totally enjoy all the interactions between them and does not limit your point of view by having to play as one of them.

The gameplay is from a third-person perspective. You control the rookie character and follow the Ghostbusters on various mssions. Unfortunately you can’t edit the appearance of this character to make it look like yourself. You are equipped with a proton pack, trap, a PKE meter and ghost goggles, these are linked to the PKE meter. You’ll basically be having to defeat many ghosts during the course of the game, some of them being major iconic ghosts from the movies like Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The controls on defeating and trapping ghosts took a little getting used to but now I can trap a ghost like a pro. You start off by having to weaken the ghost with your proton stream and when it is weak enough you can initiate a capture stream which will constrain the ghost. After that you deploy a trap and you have to then lure the ghost over it and keep the ghost in the trap’s cone until the ghost gets sucked in. You can also use your PKE meter on ghosts to find their weaknesses and get tips on how to defeat them.

The PKE meter also aids as a navigational device at times. You get this hot/cold like meter and in some cases it will point you in the right direction of where you should go next. It can also be used to find hidden artifacts that you can trade in for various equipment upgrades.

The game is somewhat squad based and if you get knocked down the other Ghostbusters can revive you and vice versa. If you all get knocked out the game is over or f you are alone and get knocked down it is game over also. There are several parts where you’ll be required to split up. Sometimes you’ll be with another Ghostbuster but sometimes you’ll be on your own. Having the game end for being knocked out when you are alone is kind of annoying. Maybe they should have added something to compensate for this when you are on your own.

The graphics are pretty well done. The various weapon effects looks very nice and the ghosts are all very well done. My only complaint about the graphics are that the characters have this sort of plastic/rubbery look to their faces. This is a minor complaint though.

The game also features play over Xbox Live. This is a lot of fun. There are various modes to choose from and they can be played with 2-4 players. These are very team based games that require a good amount of cooperation to complete. However a major problem is the lack of story co-op. This game would have been perfect for 4 player story co-op. Maybe since the team splits up on occasion this might not have worked but it would still be incredibly awesome if they included it.

Overall this is what a game based on a movie should be. It is very fun, has classic elements from the movies and then goes beyond the movies, Xbox Live support, great voice acting and a very funny well written story. There are a few minor issues but overall the game is great.


  • Voice acting from the majority of the cast
  • Written by Both Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis
  • Xbox Live support that is fun and does not feel like a cheap tack-on


  • No Co-Op in the story mode
  • No character customization
  • When separated from the others if you get knocked out the game is over

Overall Score: * * * *

(All scores are out of 5 stars)

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