Free Gane Friday 6-19-09

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Free Game Friday, Games

This week’s free games are the Dismount games. These are very fun games where you control a few factors and then hit the “dismount” button to see your actions take effect. The first one I played was Stair Dismount. In this one you have a ragdoll at the top of some stairs. You push this ragdoll down the stairs. Ypu can set the angle of the push as well as the amount of force used. You are then given a score on how much damage the ragdoll takes.

The next one is called Truck Dismount. In this game you have a truck and a ragdoll. You set the speed of the truck, the position of the ragdoll, various ramps and a few other options. Usually this one has the truck crash into a wall and then fling the ragdoll around. You then get points on the amount of damage the ragdoll takes.

Check these games out, they are a lot of fun.

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