Ted By Dawn Review

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Games


Disclosure – I was given a review copy by Proteus Pixel.

Ted By Dawn is a retro style platformer with a flair for the insanely difficult. Be prepared to die…a lot! The game feels like a mix of Evil Dead and Super Meat Boy.


The graphics in Ted By Dawn are done in a retro 8-bit style. There is not much to say about the graphics beyond that. Simple yet effective.


The audio is also done in a retro style. The music is pretty good as well.


The gameplay of Ted By Dawn is very simple and feels like a classic old-school platformer. The game is insanely difficult. There are man ways to die in the game and you get an achievement for discovering each of them. You can get eaten by zombies, stuck on barbed wire, fall on spikes and more. The game is a bit like Super Meat Boy as it is difficult but not to the point that the game is not enjoyable.

You can attack the zombies with your shotgun or grenades. Be careful using grenades as you only have two of them. You can find more scattered around in some of the levels. Your shotgun holds two shots and can be reloaded.

The game is a platformer so you’ll be jumping from platform to platform killing zombies in the process. You can utilize a double jump to get to some of the harder to reach areas. Some platforms will break once you land on them so you’ll have to work quickly to avoid falling to your death.


Overall Ted By Dawn is a fun platformer. The gameplay is very challenging but also very rewarding once you complete some of the fairly difficult levels. The game is also a great value at being priced at $1.99, the game is currently on sale for $1.69 for the next day and a half. You get a lot of game for just a couple dollars.

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