Blockwick 2 Review

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Games


Disclosure – I was given a review copy by Kieffer Bros.

Blockwick 2 is an easy to learn hard to master block sliding puzzle game.


There is not much to say about the graphics. They are quite simple and get the job done for this puzzle game.


The music in this game is quite relaxing. The music can put the player at ease. Other sound effects are included for when blocks become connected or you find one the pearls hidden throughout the puzzle.


Gameplay is where this game excels. The concept of the game is simple; connect the blocks to finish each level. You slide other blocks out of the way to accomplish this. This game reminds me of the game Rush Hour in which you need to move car pieces round in order for another car piece to be ble to move out of the grid. In Blockwick 2 you move the pieces out of the way so you can connect the pieces of the same color together. The earlier stages are quite easy but get more and more challenging.

There are blocks that can’t be moved so you’ll have to figure a way to connect them to the rest of the blocks. Some levels have you connecting various blocks of different colors instead of just one. Some of the puzzles can be a mind bender. You’ll feel great once you solve a fairly difficult puzzle.

There are multiple chapters in the game. Each chapter has a themed block. For example in chapter one you are trying to just connect the same colored blocks together. In chapter two unmovable pieces are introduced and in chapter three you have the entangled blocks that move as one unit. Each new block adds a new level of challenge to the game.


Overall Blockwick 2 is an excellent puzzle game. Each chapter adds a new element and the game is quite challenging yet relaxing at the same time. Highly recommended for fans of the puzzle game genre.

Check out Blockwick 2 on Steam.

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