Avalanche 2 – Super Avalanche Review

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Games


Disclosure – I was given a review copy of the game by Beast Games.

Avalanche 2 – Super Avalanche is a “climb as high as you can” game. You play as a small marshmallow character and must climb up a series of falling blocks while trying to avoid the rising lava, being crushed by the blocks or being killed by various enemies such as dancing snakes, birds, carnivorous plants and more.


The graphical style of Super Avalanche are done in a simple 16-bit retro style. The visuals are quite fun to look at and have a nice retro look.


The audio is well done especially the music. The music is quite catchy and also feels like the music you’d find in a 16-bit retro title. The other sound effects of bouncing, picking up coins, breaking open treasure chests and so on are also all well done.


The gameplay is where the game really shines. It is quite a simple game that you can pick up and play for as long or as little as you like. You can use either a keyboard or a controller. For my review I used a wired Xbox 360 controller. You control your marshmallow as you try to climb as high as you can. Throughout your climb you will find coins that you can use to purchase items from the shops that appear. You can also save your coins if you deposit them into a bank while climbing. You want to deposit coins so you don’t lose them when you die.

There are also missions you can take which provide rewards for defeating a boss, climbing a certain amount of feet, “surfing” between bricks and more. you find these missions randomly throughout the game and you can then later go into your missions area and select which ones you’d like to attempt. The game features both single player as well as local co-op. You and a friend climb the falling blocks together. In between games you can use the coins you’ve earned to buy power-up for your marshmallow as well as customization pieces such as eyes, mouths, hair styles, and other accessories. You’ll also encounter various enemies as well as bosses as you continue to climb. Each boss has a different pattern and you’ll have to exploit their weaknesses to defeat them.


Overall I am having a blast playing Super Avalanche. The gameplay is addictive and you can easily jump in or jump out of a game very quickly. The game is simple yet very fun. I recommend this game. It is currently on sale on Steam until June 22nd.

Here is a gameplay video I recorded:

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