The Masterplan Review

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Games

Disclosure – I was given a review copy of the game by Shark Punch.

The Masterplan is a heist game set in the early 1970’s. You play as Joey Green. You are gunned down by corrupt police and left for dead. One thing however, you survived. You are in prison and have to escape. This level serves as the game’s tutorial. After this you meet up with your brother Gregory and start going on various heist missions.


The graphics/visuals are done in a very interesting style. The game plays from a top-down perspective and the early 70’s vibe comes through in the game’s art.


The music sets the tone for the game. A very funky vibe scores the game as you go on your heist missions. Other sound effects include your standard gun fire, and punch sound effects.


The game shines in the gameplay department. You control Joey and his brother Gregory. You can move both at a time but will often need to control each of them separately to fully complete your missions. An early mission has you holding up a kiosk. You’ll need to keep the owner of the kiosk at bay by pointing a gun at him while you control your other character to empty the register. Sometimes you’ll need to knock a character out to obtain a key to get into the back room of a business. When holding up a character you can also control them and force them to open doors for you or complete other tasks.

During your missions you will find flyers that will unlock other heists throughout the city. New weapons can also be added to your catalog by finding flyers for them as well. You have a hideout where you can buy weapons or hire additional goons. These goons will help you on your heists, but for a price. Each goon has a set of attributes. The better the attributes the more expensive they will be to hire. Some goons even bring their own weapons along. The weapon catalog allows you to order the guns you’ve found flyers for in other missions.

The game can get challenging, especially when having to control multiple characters during a heist. If you should fail a heist you have the option to retry it. Some heists can also be done again once you’ve completed them.


Overall The Masterplan is a very fun game. It can become fairly challenging at times but the option to retry a heist is great. The controls take a little time to learn when you are dealing with using multiple characters at the same time. You’ll learn the controls fairly quickly though. This game is highly recommended. It is available on Steam.

Gameplay Video:

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