Card Dungeon Steam Review Video

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Games

Disclosure – I was given a review copy of the game for the purposes of making this video and review.

I’m really enjoying Card Dungeon from Playtap Games. I love rogue-likes and this one combines elements from card games as well as the feel of board games like Hero Quest. The levels are randomly generated like they are in rogue-likes and if you die you need to start the game over. If you find your tombstone in another run through the dungeon you can get your items back. The card system is very interesting in how you can only have three cards at a time. This causes you to constantly reevaluate your choices in deciding when to take a new card or pass on it. If you have an attack or spell card that runs out you won’t be able to use it. You definitely don’t want this to happen as you won’t be able to attack. I’m having a lot of fun and recommend the game to anybody that is a fan of the rogue-like genre.

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