My First Monday Night Magic Session

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Board/Card Games, Magic The Gathering

I moved to Denver back in October and after getting most everything in order I finally checked out The Wizard’s Chest Mondays Night Magic. It all starts at around 5PM. This was a casual setting and all the games were fairly casual as well. I only brought one deck with me, my goblin deck I wrote about earlier today. I walked around the store for a few moments before sitting at a table. At this table a father and his son were in the middle of a pretty intense game. The father asked me if I was looking for a game and I said that I was. After they finished their game we started to get ready for ours.

A new player arrived and the game was now a multiplayer game with four players. This was my first time playing in a multiplayer game other than the various video game incarnations of Magic The Gathering. I drew my opening hand and played a mountain followed by a Raging Goblin. This card has an ability that allows it to attack on the turn it comes into play. After this it passed to the next player who couldn’t play anything. After this it passed to the father, the one I attacked with a Raging Goblin. Inn retaliation he played a Mind Sculpt on me and I lost seven cards out of my deck. Another player drops a Pestilence which causes every creature and player to take one damage. Eventually the third player played an 8/8 creature that was unblockable and also couldn’t be targeted by spells. I get hit with a second Mind Sculpt and lose seven more cards.

I need to figure a way to take care of the 8/8 creature but my creatures wont survive a fight with it. Also I can’t deal it with any spells. Myself and the guy’s son formed an alliance to not attack each other. I’m glad to sat this alliance actually lasted. The match was actually pretty fast. The Pestilence card slowly killed off everybody’s creatures and damaged every player. The 8/8 is still in play and takes the father and son out of of the game. I’m down to 4 health at this point and so it the other player with the 8/8 creature. I draw a Lightning Blast and deal four damage to him and win the game. A pretty good start on my first night playing Magic at this shop.

Next I get introduced to the Type 4 game variant. Soon after it was announced that we were playing Type 4 our table doubled from four players to eight. The thing that makes this different from regular Magic is you have unlimited Mana. However you can only play one card per turn. You can still play lands and you can still play Instants on other player’s turns. We each started off with four cards. After you play a card anybody can play a counter if they want then it goes to the next player. You draw a new card at the beginning of your turn like you normally would. This format gets really interesting since you can play cards that would be very hard and maybe impossible to pull off in a regular game. For example in our game somebody played a Worldfire. This card would normally cost a total of nine Mana to play. This was definitely the turning point in the game. We all lose all the cards we had in play, everything we had in our hand and our graveyard and we all went down to one point of health. The game ended shortly after this. I forgot who won. This format is quite chaotic but also a ton of fun.

In closing I had a blast on my first night playing Magic The Gathering at a local shop. I hope to make this a regular thing on Monday nights.

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