My Top Five Movie Soundtracks

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Movies, Music

This is my list of my current top five movie soundtracks. This list only includes soundtracks comprised of already recorded material. Film scores are not counted in this list:

#5-A Night At The Roxbury:





I love this movie and the music selected for it is great as well. It feels like a greatest dance club hits of the 1990’s. There is the iconic “What Is Love” by Haddaway as well as my favorite song on the soundtrack the “Where Do You Go?” Ocean Drive Mix by No Mercy. An excellent blend of great dance tracks.



#4-Forrest Gump:





Another great movie with a great classic rock soundtrack. This is a double album. i think there is also now an expanded version with a couple extra songs. The soundtracks takes you on a journey through the history of rock music. You start off with Elvis Presley and end with Bob Segar. Everything in between covers those years. A truly amazing collection of music.



#3-Pulp Fiction





The songs selected for this soundtrack are a great mix. You get surf, country, and soul to just name a few. The soundtrack also features dialogue from the film. Each song in the soundtrack also adds to the movie and makes it better. Quentin Tarantino picked a great set of music for this movie.




#2-American Hustle




A great mix of songs from the 70’s. Each song adds greatly to the scene it is used in.  The soundtrack also covers various genres such as disco, jazz, and rock. A great movie made even btter by the soundtrack.




#1-Guardians of The Galaxy




This soundtrack is all about having fun. I can see the scenes in my head whenever I listen to the accompanying track. It’s again a blend of songs from the 70’s. From the laid back “Fooled Around And Fell in Love” to the hard rocking “Cherry Bomb” this soundtrack is awesome top to bottom and no song feels out of place. The music is one part of the formula that gave the movie it’s charm.












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