Alien VS Predator 2 Online Multiplayer With Project “Savior”

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Games

I was really looking forward to Aliens-Colonial Marines until I read some terrible reviews on the game. I had the game on my Gamefly queue for several months. They didn’t send it to me and the availability was at “Low” so after reading several reviews I removed the game from my queue and decided to install a classic from 2001, Alien VS Predator 2. I get the game installed only to find out that back in 2008 Sierra shut down the master servers for multiplayer. I did some research and came across Project “Savior” which is a mod/patch that allows multiplayer to be played. This patch unfortunately only works with the main Alien V Predator 2 game. The Primal Hunt expansion can’t be played using these methods. Also the game does require you to have disc 1 in the drive to play. There are probably patches that will sallow you to get around this if you don’t want to keep te disc in your drive. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to get your retail copy of Alien VS Predator 2 to allow you to get into multiplayer games.

Step 1 – Install Alien VS Predator 2 from your retail CDs.

Step 2 – Get all the latest updates from FileFront. You’ll need the main update file AvP2 Update (English), Multiplayer Map Update #1, and Single-Player Map Update #1, run and install all of these to your Alien VS Predator 2 directory which by default should be┬áC:\Program Files\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2 for 32-bit Operating systems or C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2 for 64-bit operating systems.

Step 3 – Download the Project “Savior” patches from here. Scroll down until you see “AvP2 Savior Mod 1.2.2 – 1.2.3” and download the patch. For me the full install version didn’t work and crashed when updating the game. Just download the patch only, which is option #1. Run and install the patch, the patch should by default already point to you Alien VS Predator 2 directory.

Step 4 – Next scroll up until you see “AvP2 Savior Mod 1.3” and download it and install to your game directory.

Step 5 – Scroll up to the top and you’ll see “AvP2 Savior Mod 1.5.1” and get the full install version. For some reason even though it said full install for me I still had to install the previous version.Like the other patches run and install this one as well.

Step 6 – You’re almost there. Now you just need to tell the game to run with some advanced options. If you created a desktop shortcut double click it. You then should get this menu screen:


Next click the “Options” button, it might give you a disclaimer warning about messing with these options, go ahead and say OK. To be able to get access to multiplayer you need to run this command line “rez AVP2P5.REZ” without the quotes and the file name needs to be in all caps. Also have the button checked for “Always specify these command-line parameters.” I also check the option to disable logos for the developers/publishers of the game because it gets annoying having to skip them every time you run the game. Your settings should look like this:


Click “OK” and then “Play” on the main menu.

Step 7 – When the game loads click on “Multiplayer Internet” you might get a message saying you need to update the game. This is what it looks like:


What you need to do here is just click “OK” if you click “Cancel” both the find and host games options will be greyed out and unacessable. Clicking “OK” will allow you to find multiplayer servers. Your screen should look like this after clicking the “OK” button.


Click find games and you should be presented with this:


Step 8 – Play the game and get some kills!




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