Cards Against Humanity

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Board/Card Games

While I was on vacation in Salt Lake City, Utah I was introduced to the party card game “Cards Against Humanity.” This game is an absolute blast. It is best described as “Apples to Apples” only with very adult content. This game is not for the easily offended. The beauty of the game is that it is open source. You can get the game for free here and they also offer blank templates so you can create your own cards. Or you can do what I did and buy a set that is already printed on nicer card stock and includes a box.

Speaking of creating your own set I’ve doing exactly that and have created a set based on the The Morning Stream and Frogpants community as well as a set based on Star Trek. You can get to the main site here and then you can select the set you want to view/print.

Again this game is a blast to play and was a staple at the various board game nights and meetups I took place in during my trip. Definitely worth checking out.

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