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Posted: June 27, 2012 in Nerdtacular

Last year was my first Nerdtacular and I had an amazing time meeting everyone, hanging out and enjoying the event. I just returned from Nerdtacular 2012 and had an even better time this year. I just want to take the time out to thank everyone I hung out with, anyone who provided rides to/from the various meetups and everything else.

I arrived late Wednesday morning this year. I checked into my hotel and walked over to Noah’s just to see how far away it was from the hotel. I then headed over to Five Guys Burgers And Fries for lunch. After that I walked around that area of town for a short while before heading back to the hotel. There were not that many people around on that day and I tweeted to Iceflow, Caoboi, and Melyanna about meeting up for dinner. We met up at Chipotle. This is when I met Mohalen. This was our group for the rest of the night. We ate, and headed back to their hotel for their free drink hour.

After this we headed up to one of the rooms. It was here that I was introduced to the shot ski. We took a few shots from it, listened to some music, discussed Dungeons & Dragons among a few other things. After a while Chinbeard, Ladylongshanks, and bacon_way arrived. After a while more I got a ride back to my hotel from Caoboi. The first day was done and things were already off to a great start.

The next day there were no real plans made. I took a walk to burn off the large amount of food I ate the night before. A large group of us were planning for meeting for lunch. We had originally planned on Thai food but decided to wait. There were others arriving that day and we thought it was best to have all of us together before eating. Thebmatt. tanzenmitgottBroncoSyer, realzovo arrived that afternoon. After this we all met up at The Pie for some pizza. We took over the patio area with all the people that came.

We then left because justkimolly had arrived at the hotel. Kim was a total joy to hang out with. Back in 2010 there was a post-Nerdtacular live stream. She talked to everybody and it was a very fun time. It was awesome to finally be able to meet her. After this we went back to another hotel room and did more shot skis. I got to meet vailgeek another from Colorado as well as CafeRacerX. We even played a few games of “Threes.” I won my first game(beginners luck) and lost the next few. It was time for dinner but right before leaving missiondeep and salesgeekery arrived. Soon after this RandyDeluxe and Samjane also arrived. I took a shot ski with Randy which was the cotton candy vodka. Randy didn’t care for it and grabbed a box of Cards Against Humanity cards and started pulling out cards to describe the shot he had just taken. The best cards he pulled were dead babies and William Shatner. If this was not cool enough already to top off the evening MrScottFletcher arrived. There were many great conversations. Eventually everybody went back to their rooms or left for their hotels. I got a ride back with jpeterross who was great to hang out with again. Huge thanks to him.

Nest morning I made plans to have breakfast with Cleeo. We talked for a bit before Brian Ibbott and Andrew Allen showed up. nicolespag and woodwhisperer stopped by and it was awesome to meet them. The Fletchers then showed up as well. Brian and Andrew broke out the Smooth Federation CDs and started signing them. They signed a bunch before we all decided to head into Salt Lake City for the afternoon. Andreas also came with us. We stopped by the Apple Store, the new retina display Macbooks looked amazing. We then headed to the temple and took a tour around it as well as seeing the choir room. We then headed to another mall for a quick lunch. We then decided to try to find a comic shop. Our journey took us further away from where we started and it was really hot that day. Eventually we found one. Scott Fletcher bought us all drinks at the comic store which was really nice of him as it was super hot. After this we headed back to the first mall we were at so we could drive back to our hotels.

Upon arriving back at the hotel the lobby and a large room next to the lobby was full of nerds playing all kinds of games. There was a Dungeons & Dragons game being played as well as Munchkin and Magic The Gathering. This is when BuddhaPhi invited me to the Tadpool game night. I hung around and talked to a few more people before we headed out for the game night. This game night was when I got to play Cards Against Humanity for the first time. After my first game I took out my phone and ordered the game and the expansion. We played this game all night. This was an amazing evening.

After this Scott Fletcher gave me a ride up to Nerdhaus. The GPS first game us wrong directions and we ended up in some office building parking lot. We got there eventually. Here we played more Cards Against Humanity. I then talked to chinbeard about Masters of The Universe toys, G.I Joe among other toy lines from out childhood such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and how the Ewok Village was reused as the Sherwood Forest playset from the Robin Hood – Prince of Theives toy line. We hung out at the Nerdhause for about an hour before heading back. We got back to our hotel at around 1AM. Again huge thanks to Scott Fletcher for providing a ride to/from Nerdhaus.

The next day was the actual Nerdtacular. I got there a bit early to help set up. Scott arrived and then Kim arrived with the truck full of Blizzard swag. I helped get the truck unloaded and then was put in charge of running security before the event. The event was amazing. I thanked Scott and Kim for letting me help. Being allowed to be a bigger part of the event by helping out was awesome. The Paul And Storm concert was awesome as well. I can’t go into detail on the event as it would just be too much to write and too much to read.

The next day we all went to see Brave. I really enjoyed the movie. Afterwards many hung around and talked. After this we went out to lunch.  BuddhaPhi and myself were joined by GISgamer, Joel Duggan, and Paul Swickard. We all then went back to the hotel where Scott, and Kim were hanging out for a bit. We talked a bit more before they left. Many of us then decided to go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I also enjoyed this movie quite a bit. We all then went out to the Texas Roadhouse after the movie. After this we headed back to the hotel where a large group was playing Cards Against Humanity. We play tested my “Then you shall have no ________, no ________,and no Lieutenant Yar!” Card that I designed. We also got a noise complaint during this game. If you’re ever playing this game in a hotel lobby and don’t get a noise complaint then you’re doing it wrong. I then went back to my room, packed and got ready to come home. Again a huge thanks to everybody involved. This was some of the most fun I have ever had.

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