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I moved to Denver back in October and after getting most everything in order I finally checked out The Wizard’s Chest Mondays Night Magic. It all starts at around 5PM. This was a casual setting and all the games were fairly casual as well. I only brought one deck with me, my goblin deck I […]

I updated my goblin deck, now all the cards in the deck are legal for the Modern format: Land: 24 – Mountain Creatures: 4 – Raging Goblin 4 – Mudbutton Torchrunner 3 – Goblin Elite infantry 2 – Goblin Skycutter 1 – Mogg Fanatic 1 – Thick-Skinned Goblin 1 – Goblin Balloon Brigade Spells: 4 […]

This is an old deck I’ve had for a while. The point of this deck is to mill your opponent’s library with the Raven Guild Master. Various cards in the deck make this card unblockable which will allow you to remove ten cards from their library from the game. plenty of other cards to get […]