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Today’s free game is March Zuma. This is a Zuma clone where instead of matching colored balls you need to match people by their shirt color before they reach the end. You match three or more of the same color to get them to clear them. Give it a try.

Today’s free game is In The Bucket. This is a physics based puzzle game where you need to manipulate various objects in order to get balls into a bucket. You need to block them from flying into traps and other obstacles. give it a try.

The next books I read for my ongoing Batman project were Hush Volume 1/2 and Broken Bat. Hush is a pretty good series. Jeph Loeb writes the story and the art by Jim Lee is amazing.  It is detective style Batman in this book. I prefer this kind of Batman because it really shows how […]

Today’s free game is River Raider. This is a top-down shooter in the style of 1942 and games like that. The only difference is you are in a boat on a river. You drive the boat up the river and can rotate your turret to fire. It is pretty challenging. Give it a shot.

The last two books I’ve read for my Batman project were The Man Who Laughs and A death In The Family. The Man Who Laughs is a year one Joker story which is very well done. It is well written and drawn. The story focuses on Batman’s first battle with The Joker. It even has […]

Today’s free game is Ray Part 1. This is like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game. It is pretty fun. However there is use of adult language and situations. Mature audiences. Give it a shot.

The last books I’ve read for my Batman project were Gotham By Gaslight and Batman/Dracula Red Rain. Both of these books are Elseworlds stories. These kind of stories don’t take place in the continuity of the rest of the series. Gotham By Gaslight was a very good read. It takes place in 1889 in England […]

Today’s free game is Jelly Cannon. This is a physics based puzzle game where you fire purple blobs of jelly at yellow blobs in order for the yellow blobs to make contact with each other to form a larger blob. Give it a try.