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Card Dungeon Steam Review Video

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Games

Disclosure – I was given a review copy of the game for the purposes of making this video and review. I’m really enjoying Card Dungeon from Playtap Games. I love rogue-likes and this one combines elements from card games as well as the feel of board games like Hero Quest. The levels are randomly generated […]

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This is a mono white EDH/Commander deck using Mageta The Lion as the commander. It focuses on creatures with flying, first strike, an vigilance as well as enchantment removal. Here is the deck: Commander – Mageta The Lion Land: 31 – Plains 1 – Radiant Fountain 1 – Reliquary Tower 1 – Ice Floe 1 […]

Here is a new deck I’ve been messing around with: Land: 13 – Island 10 – Forest 1 – Thornwood Falls Creatures/Planeswalkers: 1 – Kiora, The Crashing Wave 3 – Sagu Mauler 2 – Elvish Mystic 2 – Nyxborn Wolf 2 – Leafcrown Dryad 2 – Triton Shorestalker 2 – Frost Lynx 2 – Omenspeaker […]

I’ve been playing a bit of Standard lately and have created a minotaur deck with cards from the 2015 core set, the Theros block and a few cards from Khans of Tarkir. Here is the deck: Land: 13 – Mountain 10 – Swamp 1 – Bloodfell Caves Creatures: 3 – Ragemonger 2 – Kragma Warcaller […]