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The next books I read for my ongoing Batman project were Hush Volume 1/2 and Broken Bat. Hush is a pretty good series. Jeph Loeb writes the story and the art by Jim Lee is amazing.  It is detective style Batman in this book. I prefer this kind of Batman because it really shows how […]

The last two books I’ve read for my Batman project were The Man Who Laughs and A death In The Family. The Man Who Laughs is a year one Joker story which is very well done. It is well written and drawn. The story focuses on Batman’s first battle with The Joker. It even has […]

The last books I’ve read for my Batman project were Gotham By Gaslight and Batman/Dracula Red Rain. Both of these books are Elseworlds stories. These kind of stories don’t take place in the continuity of the rest of the series. Gotham By Gaslight was a very good read. It takes place in 1889 in England […]

For my current Batman project I’ve completed Batman – The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. Both were excellent stories with very nice art work. Dark Victory takes place shortly after Long Halloween. I don’t think it is as good a story as Long Halloween but it is still amazing and highly recommended. Somebody asked me […]

IGN back in 2005 posted a list of the top 25 Batman graphic novels. I read through the list and was amazed that I’ve only read one of the books listed. That being The Killing Joke. I have decided to rectify the situation and chip away at the list and read every book that made […]

DC Comics iPad App

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Comics, iPad

I just downloaded the DC version of the awesome comiXology app for the iPad. There are some great free comics included just like with the original comiXology app and the Marvel version. This is really worth checking out. Here is a shot of the main screen of the app and Batman-Black & White(one of the […]


Posted: June 1, 2010 in Comics, iPad

I recently purchased ComicZeal for the iPad. This is an amazing comic book application which allows you to import comic books in a variety of file formats. Syncing comics to the application is also amazingly easy. You download and use a free program called SyncDocs. You then can drag/drop comics to it and click “Sync” […]

I recently purchased the hardback edition of the complete Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty comics. This is a great read and an even pleasure on the eyes. The story follows the video game but also goes beyond and covers some stuff that was happening behind the scenes in the story. The art style of […]