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Random Star Trek Episode Update

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Star Trek

Here are my thoughts on the most recent random episodes of Star Trek I have watched. I watched the episode fourteen of the original series, “Wolf In The Fold.” This episode was all right. It involves Scotty being accused for the murder of three women. However when he is questioned he does not remember. A […]

Last week and this weekend I watched a few Star Trek episodes. Here they are. First I watched episode twenty two of season one of the original series, “Space Seed.” This is the episode where the Enterprise and crew meet Khan. They come across the SS Botany Bar and find several people in stasis. They […]

I watched a few episodes over the weekend. Here is what I watched. First I watched episode twenty three of season six of Voyager, “Fury.” This is mainly a Kes episode. I’m not a big fan of this character. She had left the show long before and they brought her back for this. The story […]

I only watched two random episodes this weekend. Here are my thoughts on them. First I watched episode seventeen of the original series, “The Squire of Gothos.” This was a very interesting episode. The Enterprise gets stuck in a “game” devised by a mysterious life form called Trelane. The crew has to play his games […]

I watched three random episodes of Star Trek over the weekend. Here are some quick thoughts on these episodes. First I watched episode three of season one of the original series, “Charlie X.” In this episode a young boy named Charlie Evans comes aboard the Enterprise. He takes an instant liking to Janice Rand and […]

Random Star Trek Episodes

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Star Trek

I watched a few random Star Trek episodes over the past few days. Here are my thoughts. First I watched episode nine of season two of The Next Generation, “The Measure of A Man.” This is a very good episode. Data gets forced to be experimented on and decides to resign from Starfleet so he […]

I watched a few random Star Trek episodes over the weekend. The first being episode seven of season two of the original series, “Catspaw.” This was a really bad episode. I even considered turning it off many times through the episode. Kirk, Spock, and Bones get captured on a strange planet and are thrown into […]

The last episode I watched for me random Star Trek project was “Identity Crisis” from season four of Star Trek The Next Generation. This episode was just all right. It was kind of boring throughout and you don’t really care about the other secondary characters put into this episode. It starts when a Starfleet officer […]

Last night’s random episode was “Tin Man” from season three of Star Trek The Next Generation. This was a very good episode. The character of Tam Elbrun and his past with Troi is very interesting. Also this relationship with Data during this episode was very well done. A pretty good story about an ancient alien […]

Star Trek PADD For iPad

Posted: July 11, 2011 in iPad, Star Trek

CBS Interactive has released Star Trek PADD for iPad. This is a great reference program for everything Star Trek. The app costs $4.99 and in my opinion is worth every penny. My only complaint is the letters you use to browse with are a little small. Other than that the app is amazing. A must […]