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Here is a new deck I’ve been messing around with: Land: 13 – Island 10 – Forest 1 – Thornwood Falls Creatures/Planeswalkers: 1 – Kiora, The Crashing Wave 3 – Sagu Mauler 2 – Elvish Mystic 2 – Nyxborn Wolf 2 – Leafcrown Dryad 2 – Triton Shorestalker 2 – Frost Lynx 2 – Omenspeaker […]

iPad Game/App Roundup

Posted: June 1, 2010 in iPad, Uncategorized

Here a couple of the iPad games and application I’ve been enjoying over the past few days: ArtStudio – This is a very powerful image editor/painting application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. I downloaded it when it was only .99 cents, however now it looks like it is $3.99, still a very good […]

I wonder how much this will go for considering it comes with working night vision goggles. Still this looks like a really cool edition.