Random Star Trek Episodes…Weekend Update

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Star Trek

I watched three random episodes of Star Trek over the weekend. Here are some quick thoughts on these episodes.

First I watched episode three of season one of the original series, “Charlie X.” In this episode a young boy named Charlie Evans comes aboard the Enterprise. He takes an instant liking to Janice Rand and starts to behave strangely around her and other members of the crew. He demonstrates some unusual powers such as making people disappear and controlling various systems aboard the ship. The ship is threatened by his behavior and the crew need to find a way to stop him. This was a decent episode, however it was kind of silly in spots.

This episode gets *** out of 5.

Next I watched episode two of season two of Enterprise, “Carbon Creek.” This was a pretty interesting episode and it covered T’Pol recounting what she says is the real first contact story of Vulcans and humans and how her great-grandmother was involved. This all takes place in the 1950’s on earth when a Vulcan ship tracking Sputnik. Their ship crashes and they need to blend into human society until they can be picked up by the Vulcans. Their interactions with the humans are pretty interesting and funny in some cases. Overall a very good episode.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

Lastly I watched episode two of season six of Voyager, “Survival Instinct.” This is largely a 7 of 9 story. It begins with a flashback of her Borg ship crashing on a planet. The other Borg in her group start showing signs of individuality. She creates a new link between the three other survivors. In the present day they come aboard Voyager when docked at a station during a cultural exchange. They are looking for a way to break the link between them. 7 of 9 has to make some tough choices in this episode. Overall pretty good.

This episode gets **** out of 5.

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