Random Star Trek Project

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Star Trek

With Netflix adding nearly every Star Trek series to their streaming service I felt it was time to catch up on all of it, randomly of course. Every night I will try to watch a random episode. Unfortunately Deep Space Nine is not on streaming yet.

The way I will determine which episode to watch will be determined by the following:

I will roll a six-sided die to choose which series to watch. 1-5, getting a 6 of course make me re-roll. I will then roll an eight-sided die to pick which season to watch. I’ll have to re-roll if I get a four or above for The Original Series, or a 6 on Enterprise since both of these series had fewer seasons than Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager, all which had seven seasons. Getting an eight will cause a re-roll as well. I will then roll a thirty-sided die to pick the episode. A roll higher than the number of episodes in a given season will also cause a re-roll.

I will then later post what episode I watched and my thoughts on it.

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