Guilty Pleasure Games – Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Games


Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is far from a great game. The gameplay is incredibly repetitive. However the writing for the game is very funny. The basis of the game is to get on a reality dating show called “Swingles.” To get on the show you must prove to the host that you have what it takes to be on the show. You do this by trying to charm various women throughout the game.

Each encounter with the female characters plays exactly the same. This is where the repetitive nature of the game kicks in. Each woman in the game consists of the same set of mini-games. The most noticeable game is the conversation sections. Here you guide a small blue sperm through a side-scrolling area trying to hit as many green icons as possible. These green icons are the “good” parts of the conversation that allow you to score more points and get more tokens. The red items will result in negative conversation lines. Of course you want to get as many points/tokens as possible but sometimes it is fun to hit some of the bad icons just to hear what Larry will say. These bad parts are still hilarious so you’re kind of encouraged to hit a few of them just to hear the results.

There is also a quarters mini-game where you try to fill the female character’s outline up while keeping your own outline empty. You use the mouse to aim and release your shot. The more shots you make the quicker the girl will become “drunk” and you’ll get to the next mini-game. Be warned though you can get drunk too and fail the mini-game. The more shots she makes the harder it will be for you to land the quarter in the glass.

There is also a Simon-esque mini-game that always plays the same but uses different situations. Sometimes you’ll play this game to dance with the girls, or engage isĀ  trampoline competitions.

Those are the main mini-games you’ll be playing throughout the entire course of the game. Like I said earlier the writing and dialogue during these games is quite funny and makes the game enjoyable.

You are also able to spend tokens in vending machines to allow you to buy bonus items that make certain mini-games easier. For example you can find a pair of spring shoes that makes the trampoline sections easier. There are also hidden items all over the game world that will aid you in various ways.

Overall the game is not great in the gameplay department, however the writing, funny dialogue and pop-culture references make it an enjoyable guilty pleasure game.

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