Free Game Friday!

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Free Game Friday, Games

This post will kick off a new segment that I’ll do once a week on Friday’s. Here I’ll track down a free game and let you all know about it, where to download it and so on.

Today’s Free game: Area 51


This game was originally released back in 2005. It was a decent first person shooter set in Area 51 of course. You are part of a military team sent into Area 51 to help contain a virus outbreak. You’ll face all kinds of aliens, infected base personnel and so on. Another nice touch is the voice acting. The game has such stars as David Duchovny, and Marilyn Manson lending their voices to this game.

Area 51 is definetely worth a download considering it is free. You can download the game here, be warned though the game is a 1.93 gigabyte download. Be sure to check the system requirements before you download.

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